12 Tips to Plan an Intimate and Minimalist Wedding

Wedding is indeed a very special and memorable day of our life with a new chapter to unfold. You want everything to be perfect as a dream you build from childhood. But the increasing cost of a wedding has made people realise the amount of money spent on unnecessary stuff.

The idea of the perfect wedding for many people includes an exquisite set-up with the presence of their loved ones. They don’t want the grand celebration with non-friendly faces and heavy decorations to make it memorable.

If your idea for the perfect wedding is somewhat the same, you should try the minimalist approach for planning and prioritising the expenses.

How to Avoid Debts While Planning a Wedding?

You don’t have to take a huge loan for your wedding to make it a day to remember. People are adopting the minimalist approach to cut their costs to the minimum while enjoying the essentials.

Again, presence of your loved ones, a beautiful setup, and your partner are the only thing that completes a wedding.

You can hire the services of a wedding planner to give them the responsibility to manage everything within the budget.

They will charge a fee but their contacts in the industry can provide a discount to keep the cost in check. Or, you can take help from the married people in your social circle or internet communities to find ways to save money.

Also, make sure to have a line of credit available to manage unexpected expenses outside your budget.

Create a strategy to repay the debt to avoid a stressful financial condition to ruin your post-wedding life. Consider a debt consolidation loan for bad credit from a direct lender to simplify the repayment.

Tips to Plan Your Wedding with a Minimalist Mindset

Wedding is among the major expenses of your life that people only hope to plan once. You must create a detailed plan keeping in mind the different expenses not to miss anything.

Here are some tips for planning an elegant wedding ceremony with a minimalist approach.

Keep a Minimalist Approach from the Start

Every small detail will plan an important role in defining the ceremony and budget of your wedding. You should adopt the minimalist approach from the start to avoid spending on unnecessary details.

Also, it will prepare you to take care of the major expenses with the same mindset.

Throw the plans from the internet or your experience that makes the unnecessary costs seem essential. You should reconsider every detail of your wedding before adding them to the essential category.

Remember, you should not feel obliged to add needless items to your planning because of an unreasonable tradition.

Build a Budget

You can move on to the budgeting phase once the list of essentials is made after serious consideration. Now, you should assess your financial condition to set an overall budget for the wedding. You can set a maximum limit for spending to each expense in the list of expenses.

Always prioritise each expense to save more money on the items at the bottom of your list. You can spend more on items such as a wedding ring, food, or venue based on your preferences.

But you can increase the spending limit on these expenses only if you save on the others.

Simple Invitations

Simple invitations don’t mean information on a simple white paper with your favourite font. You can make your wedding invitations look elegant with a simple and clean approach. The beige colour can come with various designs, textures, and metallic will to find the wow factor.

You can select a luxurious paper if your budget allows you to give a premium touch to your wedding invitation. Many couples are opting for digital invitations to save money and troubles of sending physical invitations. You can design digital invitations at your home through the available online applications.

Search for the Perfect Venue

The venue is critical for the theme, budget, and overall appeal of your wedding ceremony. You can book an over expensive banquet to increase the stress on your finances. Or explore the options available to find a beautiful set-up within the budget.

You can use an outside setup if you are planning the wedding on a pleasant summer evening. Some may prefer an industrial space for their wedding to stay true to the minimalist approach. Though, you may not get an expansive view of nature in a room with four walls.

Reconsider Traditions

Traditions are a big part of a wedding that determines the events during the special day. Your partner may have different traditions because of their background and religious beliefs. Thus, it may create a mess to combine the traditions only to satisfy the society with limited logical reasoning.

Sit with your partner and create a combined list of traditions to find the required ones. You don’t have to follow them if they don’t make any sense. The essentials to get married is a partner willing to spend the entire life with you, an official, and a wedding ring.

Do Not Invite Everyone

The wedding invitation has been a topic of debate for centuries as you have to make some tough choices. There are multiple constraints while creating a list of guests for your wedding. It includes the availability of space on the venue, food budget, and closeness to the contacts.

You should prioritise close friends and family members to avoid the unwanted crowd. Also, set eligibility for attendance to avoid a dispute with your partner or the uninvited contacts. Many people plan a destination wedding to invite only close friends and a reception after returning to home for others.

Select the Right Date

Your wedding date and time will have a significant impact on the overall cost. Wedding is a seasonal business for the most service provider with a splurge in demand during the summers. You can use winter to save money for the wedding, but the weather outside may not remain comfortable for an event.

Moreover, you will find the cost of the wedding is significantly more during the weekends because of heavy demand.

You can book the same services at a reduced price if you are planning our wedding on weekdays. It may sound extreme, but you can offer wedding brunch instead of dinner to save money on catering services.

Delegate Duties

You are going to have very busy days ahead with the preparation of the wedding added to your stressful schedule. It may stretch you thin to make the visits to different service providers an intimidating task.

This leads to bookings without price comparisons to cost more on the essentials.

You can save yourself the trouble by delegating tasks to your loved ones and partner. They will have enough time to search the entire neighbourhood to find the best deals for you.

Plan Honeymoon

Many couples spend too much time on the wedding to forget the planning for their honeymoon. Last-minute will cost significantly more to waste the efforts you may put into saving from your wedding.

Therefore, start planning for your honeymoon before the wedding to find the best deals on travel packages.

You can search the internet to find the hotels in your favourite destination offering special discounts to couples on honeymoon.

Or, you can simply compare the prices of different services with a simple search. Look for the coupons to get the additional discounts on booking.

Trust Small Businesses

Industry leaders with established businesses will cost more for the services because of the ever-increasing demand.

Their prices are difficult to negotiate since they are willing to let go of a few prospects. Their alternatives are the small businesses trying to build a presence in the market.

Support these small businesses by working with them to plan your wedding. They will offer great services because of their limited customer base. Furthermore, they may offer lower prices to compete with the established businesses.

Find Wedding Day Coordinator

You can enjoy the day of the wedding without hiring the expensive services of a wedding planner. Put the hard work to save money a day before to give the wedding management to a coordinator during the event.

They cost less than the professional planner and serve the purpose to manage everything on an important day.

They will make sure no unexpected situation will ruin your wedding. You can enjoy the day with no worries in mind about the arrangement.

Personal Officiant

Internet is a platform to get the power of a wedding officiant with a simple registration. You can ask someone very close to you from family or friends to officiate the wedding as a gesture to value their presence in your life. It will create an intimate environment on the altar with the need to pay the officiant for their services.


To sum up, a minimalist wedding doesn’t mean a bland event with only the necessary items on the venue. The approach prioritises the experience over the needless decorations and spending to please the guests. The day belongs to the newly married couple, and the event should contain the elements they find important.

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