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5 Great Benefits of Custom CBD Boxes

Just when you thought that using standard boxes for CBD products would save costs, the competitors introduced custom boxes that customers unanimously appreciated.

Depending on basic and bland boxes do not work anymore to engage customers. The CBD markets are filled with brands offering unmatchable shopping experiences that buyers prefer over a general one any day.

CBD products are sensitive in nature. A little mingling with the box materials can ruin the contents and spark an unfavorable chain reaction. Sturdy and form boxes are just as essential to promoting the brand as other marketing tactics.

Switching to custom CBD packaging is an incredible and cost-efficient way to not only impress your customers but to leave a long-lasting impact for your brand that leads to increased word of mouth, social sharing, brand loyalty, and revenue.

For these reasons and more, and for a plethora of benefits, CBD sellers are rapidly picking customized boxes. Let us see them in detail to gain a better understanding.

One: The first impression is definitely the last one!

Your CBD boxes arrive at customers’ doorsteps and it is nothing like they have ever seen before. Wouldn’t that be just the perfect first contact?

Brands want to present an unforgettable impression that lasts a lifetime! Custom options give you full control over how to exhibit the CBD products and brand image that you desire.

This first point of contact decides whether buyers would keep buying from your brand or pick alternate options next time. Hence, making it count determines the growth prospects of your brand. Now you know why new brands typically choose premium and limited-time boxes for brand promotions.

Two: The most apt tool for marketing

How do you wish customers to perceive your brand; high-end, all-natural, thrilling, or cheerful? You can do all that and more with custom CBD packaging.

Through a combination of colors, designs, box patterns, materials, and overall box content, all the pieces would come together to extend unmissable branding. It is like having parts of a puzzle waiting to come together through the box opening process!

Your brand must connect with customers strongly than your rivals. It forms a basis for a durable relation with buyers. Customer expectations can be met more precisely with customized designs. For instance, CBD painkiller boxes need denser box materials and printed with user manuals. CBD oils come in smaller but robust boxes that specify how and when the oils can be used.

Without syncing with buyer preferences, your brand can find it difficult to cross the set sales goals. The boxes can radiate every brand detail like the name, graphics, and branding on the custom boxes to make them a must-have.

Three: Creating an experience

If you have come across unboxing videos on YouTube, you would already know that customer shopping experiences don’t just involve buying CBD products. It goes beyond that to consume the product accessing procedures too.

It’s not just one user opening a package in front of their followers, friends, or family. It’s also a social experience. Especially for e-commerce packaging, where your package is often the only physical item your customer touches and feels throughout the purchasing process. This social contact conveys that if the viewers want to get a premium unboxing feel, they must purchase your brand.

CBD boxes made by professional printing partners ensure that you get consistent box appeal that makes for great shopping vibes every time the customers buy your CBD products.

Custom boxes

Four: Stick out from the rest

How do customers notice your brand among so much noise? It is the packaging boxes that stand apart.

Making certain branding elements unique to your brand is key to accessing more customer retention. Tiffany & Co. have been supporting the blue box color ever since their inception. The shade has come to be known as the Tiffany color. Such custom alterations add depth and more character to the brand image.

Today, most CBD brands try to inform customers of their brand being eco-friendly, against animal testing, organic, and containing responsible production techniques. All these elements convince customers to pick your brand and rely on it henceforth.

Your brand can use certain box features like graphics, texts, and designs to convey these details. Whether through the use of spot UV printing to make colors pop, or through specialized debossing or embossing that grabs attention, there are lots of options that can be included with your packaging to make it look unique and different from all the “same” styles of CBD products on shelves.

Is it worth the investment for smaller CBD sellers?

While many would agree with the stated benefits of using customized CBD boxes, some would question the returns on the investment made. After all, customized boxes do cost more than standard ones at face value.

You’ll be amazed to know that customized CBD boxes offer the same returns to small CBD makers as they do to large ones! For one, the investment is affordable. Brands won’t have to drain their financial assets to attain or improve their CBD boxes. Secondly, since the boxes are tailored in size and material usage, they actually lower shipment and packaging costs.

Lastly, the costs-savings coupled with multiplied effects on sales revenues make them a must-have marketing tool. The many positive returns are hard to yield from other promotional devices.

Is it right for your CBD items?

You could be selling CBD pet items, food products, skincare items, and more and get the right box for it. Likewise, the boxes can pinpoint your distribution platforms and customer group too.

Who are your customers? What would you like your CBD product to convey when they open the package? What do you want them to experience? All of these things are intertwined and matter just as much as the CBD items themselves. Custom boxes are the most viable tool to achieve all these objectives and more!


Getting started with CBD boxes may feel overwhelming at first but the many benefits can put your spirits high!

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