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5 Less-Know Ways to Look Simply Chic

There might be a ton of styling tips you’ve already heard of – about color, design, and size. However, here are four things that not many will tell you, that are major contributors to giving you the chic look!

Three Colors a Time

Someone out there tried this trick out once and completely recommends it! The idea of choosing three colors at a time just sounds chic enough that you simply would not have to have doubts about how it might actually turn out. Nevertheless, they say you need to keep a few small things in mind in order to pull off this look.

The key thing to remember is that white does not count as a color. This means if your t-shirt or crop top is white, you still have room for three other colors. A similar rule applies to prints with multiple colors. Your printed blouse counts as one, meaning you can opt for two other colors to complete your look!

Don’t Impulse Buy the Trending Stuff!

The seasonal sales can be super tempting and you just couldn’t blame anyone for going on a wild shopping spree to grab a dozen of similar items. Although you might feel super satisfied and think you’ve done your wardrobe the justice it needed, it might not be quite so. Even though you may have saved your dollars, you might still have wasted the rest on the wrong stuff.

Instead of going straight for the tees and jeans that are on sale, spend the money on a rare, timeless item like a leather jacket or a designer hoodie (check out a range of hoodies for women right here) or oversized pants that others are not going to have. So, the same trick with your accessories – save up to grab a unique piece instead of trying to expand your collection with almost the same stuff.

Image Source: Unsplash

Become a Pro at the Thrift Game!

When you master how to go about at the thrift store, you can be a proud owner of some classy pieces that you can use for another decade perhaps, and nobody would imagine where they came from, or at what they cost you! It can be totally worth practicing how to find a gem amidst all the stones, or the treasure among the trash!

When you find a piece that you absolutely did not dream of owning, that too, almost for free, it becomes a game-changer in your wardrobe. When they say you absolutely needn’t spend a fortune to look stylish and chic, this is just what it means!

Re Organize Your Wardrobe

Having too many things to wear is the main reason behind most fashion disasters. A fully stuffed wardrobe can overwhelm you as you start getting dressed and you end you eventually end up in a total mess.

Here are some tips for keeping your wardrobe manageable. One outfit at a time: The most important thing to remember is to keep your clothes organized and in one place. You can buy one new outfit at a time; store it away, and then once you’ve worn it at least once, put it away until you need to wear something else next.

Thus, have time for some wardrobe ‘rehab’ – declutter and get rid of clothing that has been sitting on your shelves for absolutely no reason, and keep only the items that you love, even if it means a handful. This way, it makes it easier for you to expand your collection in a smart and wise way because you just know what’s lacking and what you need to shop for, next.

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