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5 Tips for Pizza Boxes Packaging Design & Development

Pizza, no doubt, is a delicious food item that has created hunger all over the world. Be it the youth or people in the last time of their life. They love eating pizzas at least once a month. Food product with such importance definitely requires a packaging worthy of competing in the market. The pizzeria businesses are utilizing pizza boxes, and rightly so. But, the design of these packages must receive the utmost attention as it will determine the freshness and aesthetic value of pizzas. You might not be a perfect packaging design which is why we have compiled a list of handy tips for you.

Advanced quality standard:

It has been witnessed and proved on numerous fronts that a brand’s quality is judged according to the standard of its product packaging. Even a slight slope on the quality of packaging could hurt the impression on the target audience. So, to exhibit higher standards through your custom pizza boxes, high-end materials should be preferred in their manufacturing.

Keeping in view the level of fragility a pizza has, you must go for the corrugated cardboard sheets. Such materials have a higher tensile strength and increased resistance against damaging impacts. Not just that, but you would also face no problem in printing various sorts of designs on their texture. So, it is feasible to say that they have the capacity to keep the packaging standards up. You can go for the Kraft stock or other cardboard variants as well, but make sure that they are of premium quality. All these materials come cheap, but further cost reduction is possible through pizza boxes wholesale buying.

Vent it:

The customers are tired of getting soggy pizzas every time they place an order. When pizzas are made and packed in standard packaging solutions, they release heat. It leads towards the trapping of steam inside the box that further results in the sogginess of pizzas. As a pizzeria business, the best pizza box design for you is the one that retains heat without trapping steam. An expert tip in this aspect is to go with the corrugated cardboard consisting of two flat surfaces and one ridged sheet in between. Make small holes in the flat surfaces, and leave the middle layer as it is. This kind of design allows the movement of steam through grooves in the middle layer without getting trapped inside. Such a design helps tremendously in keeping up the freshness of pizzas for a very long time without any fear of sogginess.

Humble design:

When we see around the market, every retailer is looking to bombard its consumers with a visual show at every step of the purchasing process. It is leading towards the production of visual noise that no one notices the details of a packaging design. Restrain from using blended colors having higher visual pitches when designing your box’s pizza. Likewise, the use of high-impact graphics, funky fonts, and bizarre pictorial illustrations should be avoided. If you have different varieties of pizzas, try differentiating between each of them by using a single-color approach. You can also use textured patterns to differentiate your product line. Unlike complex designs, such minimalistic designs hook the attention of clients even from far-off distances. They make the printed details look more understandable and prevent you from facing customers’ backlash.

Think outside the box:

In the current market environment, the pizza boxes for sale are mostly those that have a conventional round or square shape. The consumers of the food industry have not seen any creativity in the product packaging for a long time. So, when they are offering something unique and distinctive in terms of a box design, they will definitely go for it. Do not stick around the standard box shapes as they kill all your efforts of earning the responsiveness of potential clients.

Think a little bit more creatively and come up with some unusual packaging shapes that drive more focus. Window cut design could be the best option here as it transforms the ordinary packages into something exclusive. You can also go for a sleeve and tray box design, famous for a slide-to-view unboxing experience, to target affluent customers. Other than these styles, box shapes such as hexagon, octagon, pyramid, and cylindrical are becoming a hot trend in the market.

Impressive printing schemes:

The creative presentation of the key traits your pizza possesses is highly important. All the special properties, ingredients, and health benefits need to be communicated in a comprehensive manner. After all, they act as the touchpoints in convincing the potential clients to go for your food products. Choose the proper pizza box template and use dazzling printing techniques to print down little details of your pizza. The unique and distinct printing designs cast a memorable impact on the target audience that generates more sales. Utilize the colors models of CMYK and RGB based on your special prerequisites to print attractive and eye-catching designs. They will improve the aesthetic value of your packages, thus, gravitating more and more customers towards your product.

Even if your pizza is the most delectable in the town, it can get lost in dull packaging. So, why risk the sales and profitability of your pizzeria business? Get your pizza boxes design according to the aforementioned tips to have an exceptional packaging solution that improves your business game.

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