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6 Box Printing Design Tips to Follow for your CPG Products

Not many customers would consciously admit to indulging in impulsive buying. But the fact is that the CPG industry heavily relies on creative box printing to enhance on-the-spot purchases.

As of today, the percentage of impulsive shoppers stands at nearly 89%. People visit retail stores, look at enticing packaging and pick it up immediately. That is how custom printing works to sustain sales growth in the CPG markets.

What is CPG custom printing?

Have you ever come across brown plain packaging boxes? Maybe you have but the sheer simplicity of the boxes makes people ignore them.

When CPG packaging first started out, the boxes came in generic structures and appearances. It wasn’t until the 1950s that consumer packaged goods companies like Procter and Gamble, General Foods, and Unilever developed the discipline of branding. It was mainly aimed at making their products look better than the competitors’. Several years on, marketing has taken many forms and shapes but what has not gone out of fashion is placing the branding details right on the packaging boxes.

No matter what you’re selling (since the CPG markets are varied), your packaging really needs to speak to your customers. That’s why it’s important to spend some time thinking about what colors you want to use, which fonts will work best, and the size and placement of your brand logo.

When done ideally, the boxes with creative printed elements become your brand image that customers just can’t look over! So, let’s get straight to how you can improve your custom printing to make the most of it.

#1: Colors work strongly

Different color hues printed on the CPG boxes aren’t just there to look good. They represent a motive and it can be representing the brand image, the product types, grabbing the target customers’ attention, among others.

Hence, it is quite obvious that the colors you choose must be well-thought-out. If you are looking for a specific feel for the brand, the following color template can guide you:

  • Yellow is cheerful and happy.
  • White is considered pure and clean.
  • Black represents authority, elegance, and mystery.
  • Red conjures up feelings of excitement and passion.
  • Orange represents creativity and adventure.
  • Green makes one think of nature and tranquility.
  • Blue can represent calmness, peace, and loyalty.

You can always pick a combination of colors to go with your branding. Mixing and matching colors coordinate with the CPG product type and make it convenient to convey product details to customers.

#2: Basic packaging structure

You need to sketch out what type of product you wish to sell. Food items, cosmetics, cigarettes, electronics, all require individual box shapes and measurements. They have differentiated safety requirements too.

Firstly, physically sizing your products helps to find out the box dimensions. Next, you can consult box manufacturers to guide you on the box densities required to keep your products intact during shipping. And lastly, the box shapes are to be determined to not only ensure that the products fit in well but also that they look distinct among rival brands.

Customers don’t trust brands that inadequately box their CPGs and extend an unfavorable shopping experience.

box printing

#3: Box designing

Now comes the fun part!

Many box experts would tell you that creativity equals customer retention. It is true but you mustn’t get overboard with it!

You must remember that every bit of box designing should communicate branding and be in sync with your objectives. For example, there is no point in using colorful emblems for CBD oils as they are aimed at offering relaxing components. Instead, soothing pastel colors would go better with them. You can take a walk in the nearest retail store to find out what grabs customers’ attention the most in your consumer markets.

But if it all seems too overwhelming then there is no need to panic! Professional box designers can help you craft the ideal box printing that is on-point in every way.

#4: Use box space well

Placing brand logo is essential for brand recognition. However, it should be printed at the right box spot. Printing it on the corners or back of the box isn’t a good idea. The logo must be the first thing the buyers see when they look at your CPG boxes. Otherwise, the whole point of branding can go haywire.

Likewise, every printed detail needs to have its own space depending on its significance in brand marketing. For instance, the product name and tag lines come at the front or top. The product details including ingredients and user manual usually are printed on the backside. Other marketing messages can be printed on the box sides, and so on.

Suitable box spots also vary according to the box shapes. Mailer boxes have more space on top as compared to gable boxes that offer prominent positions on the box front. You can also opt for custom sleeves to add more character to CPG packaging or simply to save costs.

#5: The inner box sides

A common mistake that CPG brands do is concentrate all their printing on the box covers. But it doesn’t have to be confined to this.

Customers want to get a repeat-worthy shopping feel and thus look for reasons to shop with the brand again. Printing the inner box sides is an effective way to surprise them and guide them along every unboxing step.

Imagine customers getting impressed as they move along accessing your CPGs. Every box bit should give a big shoot-out to your branding. Many luxury brands use simple messages and elegant designs to radiate a good brand value proposition.

#6: Be practical

Box designing is fun and powerful but it comes at a price.

Your brand can be new in the CPG markets or planning a makeover and still afford CPG box printing. All you need is an effective team of consultants that generate cost-effective deals for you.


These comprehensive tips are sure to benefit you while designing the ultimate CPG packaging that stands tall among others in capturing buyers’ imagination.

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