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6 Proven Tips On How Can You Prevent The Tangling Of Hairs

Are the tangled hairs annoying you? It is a common problem and we all have to face it. But do you know why it happens? What are you already doing to fix it? 

Having a desire for long and beautiful hair demands proper maintenance and good care. But that beauty of long hair comes with some crushing troubles, that is you have to deal with problems like knots and tangles. Time-consuming, painful, and hair damaging! Have a look at some of the common tips to detangle your hair and reduce the knots!


Why Hair Gets Tangled? 


There are some reasons that make the hair tangled. From the texture of hair, brushing frequency to wind exposure, and health of hair, these all collectively contribute to the tangling and knots of hair. 


The chances of tangling increases of your hairs are curly & thick, long & fine, dry & damaged, don’t go through regular brushing, or kept down while sleeping. 


How To Reduce The Tangling?


If your hair meets any of the above-mentioned feature listings, it will obviously jumble. There is no magical formula to get rid of the tangles endlessly, but still, you can make some efforts to reduce tangling and damage that may occur because of the detangling.


  •  Conditioning Of Hair And Its Extensions 


Don’t make the mistake of skipping the conditioner whenever you wash your hair. Conditioning help in restoring the moisture back into the hair makes them smoother and lessens the tangle risk too. 


Conditioner should be the first thing that you apply after washing. You can further proceed to body wash, shaving, or other things before washing it. In simple words, you need to keep the conditioner in your hair for 5-10 minutes for soaking and enhancing its efficiency. 


  • Sleeping Hair Protection 


Most of the tangling happens during the sleep time of a person. Why so? This is because of the friction of hair against the pillow when you practise the hurl and turn. To overcome this, you need to either make a braid of hair or tie it with hair scrunchie before going to bed. You can also make a loose bun to reduce tangles. 


  • Use A Hair Mask Once A Week


Don’t feel like doing a hair mask? Time to rethink! It is advised to use a hair mask once a week, despite the duration, to improve hair health. They are proven to be a quick and influential treatment that re-establish the moisture into the hair along with lost nutrients. The end result will be silky, shiny, and healthy hair, with less inclination towards tangling. 


Get a natural hair treatment with coconut oil. Leave it for at least 30 minutes before you take shower or a prior night before wash. And you will get smooth, silky, and hydrated hair! 


  • Wide-tooth Comb


The brush is a fast source to get shiny hair and it will obviously attract you. But if you are dealing with tangles or knots, using a wide-tooth comb is the option for you. Opt for this instead of a regular comb if you are really concerned about the health of your hair. 


It eases the tangles with efficiency, and will also protect the hair from tearing or damage. Make a start from the bottom of the knot, and keep on going in the direction until you perfectly comb the hair. It works perfectly in the case of hair extensions too and makes them look fresh and detangled. The wooden brush doesn’t cause any damage to hair. 


  • Use Fewer Heating Tools 


It is hard to believe in modern society, but you need to think about it. If you keep on blow-drying your hair, give a straight or curl effect by using heating tools, you can’t imagine how much it can ruin your hair. Your tresses will keep on getting heat exposure which will make the hair dry. Dry and dull hair is more prone to breakage and thus will lead to tangling often. Try to use the least heat tools or apply a heat protectant before styling the hair. 


  • Try Different Hairstyles


How the styling can help with the tangling problem? If you keep on doing ponytails for your hair, you are unaware of the damaging effect of an elastic band for them. Regular tying of hair in a ponytail leads to more breakage of hair and split ends. A great piece of advice for hair is to do experiments with your hair and get a new look every time. Get a fashionable look with mini claw clips for hair, or you can try buns. 


Braiding is another cool option for those who have long hair as they get tangled easily. Start your day with a tight braid and keep it throughout the day. This will protect your hair from tangles!

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