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Beignets: Tips To Make This Delicious French Pastry

Beignets are popularly known as English fritters and it is a delicious French pastry. This pastry is made up of deep-fried dough pieces into squared shapes. After deep-frying, sprinkle the dough with powdered sugar. Serve them hot and pair them with a hot drink.

Beignet Vs Doughnut:

There are so many things which are similar in beignet and doughnuts. But various things are different that keep them apart. The Beignets are like French doughnut which needs sweetened dough, and yeast. 

You have to cut the dough into square pieces and deep fry them. Finally, sprinkle the powdered sugar over the beignets. On the other hand, doughnuts have different shapes and textures. 

Doughnuts are comprised of more eggs than beignets which add more air pockets in the doughnuts. Both doughnuts and beignets are amazing and taste delicious. 

Let’s find out the recipe of the famous Beignets princess and the frog

Ingredients Required to Make Beignets:

To make beignets, you need simple and easily available ingredients. It is good to have fresh ingredients to make beignets. The active dry beast should be fresh because it will help in rising dough properly and make your beignet dough fluff properly during the time of frying. Try hot beignets with the dipping sauce. 

Ingredients required for making beignets:

  • Water: Lukewarm water is required for activating the yeast
  • Active Dry Yeast: Check its expiration date before using it.
  • Sugar: Help in activating your yeast and also give a sweet taste to your beignets.
  • Egg: Eggs will help in the binding dough together. We recommend you prefer large eggs.
  • Evaporated Milk: Thick and creamy milk is used to make the beignets soft doughy.
  • Flour: Bread flour works best, but you can also use all-purpose flour to make beignets.
  • Salt: Pinch of salt to give a salty-sweet touch to the beignets.
  • Vegetable Oil: Required for deep frying the small beignets.
  • Powdered Sugar: Spread the powdered sugar over the beignets after deep frying them.
  • Chocolate Syrup: Used as a dip

Beignets Recipe:

Well, this beignets princess and the frog recipe is quite simple that you can’t go wrong with it. The dough will take time to rise, but trust me every minute will be worth waiting for it. Once the dough is rising, then it will take only a few minutes to prepare beignets.

  • Take a large size bowl and add hot water and yeast to it. Leave it for a few minutes.
  • Take another bowl and mix sugar, eggs, and evaporated milk. Now, pour this mixture into the yeast mixture.
  • Take another bowl to add flour and salt into it. Add the liquid mixture to this bowl. Slowly add the liquid mixture. Mixture the entire mixture until it becomes a dough. Knead the dough and leave it to rise.
  • Take deep fryer and pour oil into heat for deep frying. Roll the kneaded dough and cut it into rectangular shapes. Drop each dough piece into the hot oil and let them turn into a crisp brown. Take out beignets in the metal strainer. Serve the beignets with the sauce. They will taste delicious.

Tips For Making The Best Beignets:

  • Lukewarm water

You should use 110-to-115-degree Fahrenheit hot water. Make sure water is not too hot. Otherwise, it will kill the yeast. On the other hand, if water is too cold, then the dough will not rise. Thus, it is best to use lukewarm water.

  • Test Yeast

Make sure yeast starts to froth when you will add lukewarm water to it. If yeast does not froth, then it is a good idea to leave it and start with new yeast.

  • Instant or Rapid Rise Yeast

Rather than using the active yeast, you should add rapid-rise yeast in the Beignets recipe. By using the rapid-rise yeast, you do not need to worry about dissolving the yeast in water. You can simply skip the step of adding yeast in water and directly mix it with your dough.

  • Raising The Dough Quicker

If you want to speed up the dough rising process, then you should set the oven at the lowest degree (200 degrees Fahrenheit). Leave the dough on the top of the oven. It will let your dough rise quickly. 

After some time, turn off the oven and leave the dough inside it. You will observe that your dough will rise in just a few hours. Double the recipe: When planning to make these for a crowd, this beignets recipe can be doubled.

  • Hot Oil

Before deep-frying the beignets, you should ensure that the temperature of the oil is 350 degrees before adding mini beignets to the oil. Make sure beignets fry for at least one to two minutes to get delicious crispy beignets.

  • Candy Thermometer

You can use a candy thermometer to check the temperature of the oil before start frying them.


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