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Best Textsheet Alternative for Students

The textsheet was a website that provided students with online solutions and answers for their lessons. Textsheets were distributed to students at various levels, such as high school and college. Homework, assignments, and other projects were the focus of textsheet’s services. The shutdown of Textsheet was bad news for students who relied on it for assistance. Because the Textsheet functioned more like a search engine than a data gathering, it gained popularity among students. Text sheet used the API’s of some other answer databases, then API’s collate and then collect the essay writer solutions for the students to search. Despite the fact that the text sheet has been permanently closed, users are still using as a new URL.

Why isn’t the Textsheet working?

Textsheet encountered a variety of legal challenges and allegations from other sites while providing its services as a student search engine. However, a DMCA copyright notification from an American educational company proved to be a significant stumbling block to its existence. The site was shut down in 2019 since it contained thousands of Chegg’s answers.

Where did the textsheet go?

When students saw the textsheet not loading search result, they were concerned because the textsheet answers were their partners in locating textsheet solutions for their institutionally assigned work. The textsheet shut down incident posed a serious dilemma for students; reading messages such as “textsheet is down” or “textsheet isn’t responding” was heartbreaking news for any student who relied on it on a regular basis.

Is it against the law to use a Textsheet?

The Sultron was the creator of Textsheet and a few other websites, and he received a legal warning from Chegg for duplicating their answers on his website. As a result, the DMCA denied the request to delete the founder’s account and then close the website, proving that it was illegal.

Is a textsheet secure?

Because textsheet was outlawed, students were unable to complete their assignments and projects. The void caused by this closure necessitated the creation of additional textsheet-like platforms to assist students.

alternative to the textsheet

Below are some of the most useful and best service provider textsheet alternatives.


Textsheet-like websites are an alternative to text sheet-like services. Textsheet’s greatest alternative is Californian based American educational company giving content in Physical form and online. Its features are largely identical to those of textsheet. It offers a great number of assignment solution, additionally specialists are ready to aid. This website has more than 3.4 million subscribers. It features 80 subjects, however it is not free; it costs $14.99 each month.


Studylib is a textbook alternative to textsheet. It’s similar to a textsheet, however it only covers science, math, humanities, and miscellaneous disciplines. It also charges for its services, which include a flash card explorer and a built-in grammar analyzer. Textsheet is being replaced by sites like textsheet. Alternatives to are available to assist and service students.


Slader, a solution-finding website established in the United States, is another service that is comparable to textsheet. The company’s headquarters are in New York. It, like textsheet, provides tens of thousands of textbook solutions. It charges a monthly fee of $6 to serve as a substitute for textsheet. It is simple to access the solution by scanning the barcode on the book.


Course hero is another alternative to the textsheet platform, with over 25 million course-specific study materials. It works in a similar way to textsheet in that it provides access to solutions simply by typing the school’s name, book name, or subject name. Its services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, just like textsheet. This alternative to gives you access to over 25 million course-related study materials.


As an alternative to textsheet, paperhelp is the finest solution for completing an assignment. It provides a range of services, similar to textsheet, but its most trustworthy work is research papers and assignments for students. Because the content is prepared by highly trained individuals and experts, it charges between $10 and $24 each page. It also protects the customer’s privacy by delivering the newspaper to their door.


It is an alternative to textsheet and chegg websites, offering assistance with assignments, homework, and exam preparation, among other things. It gives users access to approximately 50 million textbooks. It mostly provides services that are comparable to those offered by the textsheet website. It is not free like Textsheet; instead, you must pay $3 per month to use its services.


Skooli is one of the sites that is comparable to textsheet. It gives you the choice of getting one-on-one help at a low cost. It allows you to choose an instructor based on their qualifications and experience. There is a vast pool of tutors that are eager to connect with you and assist you.


It also allows you to buy textbooks and test papers. It provides lesson notes for a variety of school subjects as well as a variety of other courses. It provides guidelines and translation, just like a textsheet. It can be used as a replacement for textsheets with limited support.


Another portal, like textsheet, that offers research fellowships is Humboldt. At various stages of one’s career, a German research institute can assist with research. Even though it has some similarities to Textsheet in terms of services, it is not free like Textsheet. You must pay a fellowship sum of $3170 for a period of 6 to 18 months.

Find a book

Bookfinder has been serving as a textsheet substitute since 1997. It will assist you in locating any book at a low cost, as well as a low-cost reading copy. You may narrow down your search by adding a publication year and clicking “display more alternatives.” It can assist you in locating used, rare, and textbooks from a variety of publishers.

Solver for Schools

The school solver is another excellent alternative to textsheets. An online platform that allows students to obtain the best assignments and school homework. It works similarly to a textsheet in that it allows users to ask questions, which are subsequently answered by experts. It just charges cents for its services.


In this post, we looked at the importance of the textsheet website in the lives of students, as well as the reasons behind its shutdown. Textsheet inspired others to help students and researchers, therefore they created sites similar to textsheet and attempted to establish that they were the greatest alternative to textsheet. They provided all of the services provided by the textsheet, as well as a number of new ones.

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