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Biggest Cricket Scandals

Residents of India, for the most part, love sports, are actively involved in it, and follow the most significant events in the world sports arena. Among the many sports that exist today in the world, cricket is the most demanded and popular in India.

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Cricket is known as the game of gentlemen. Started by English aristocrats, a cricket match involves two different teams of 11 players each, who must play the game with dignity and fairness. However, over the past few years, it has been noticed that this sport has experienced several scandals, quite large ones.

What scandals in cricket became known to the whole world

Scandals ranging from match-fixing, falsification, and drug scandals to verbal brawls on the pitch have made headlines from time to time. We will introduce you to the most ambitious of them.

  • Armpit ball (1981). It was the World Cup series. Australia and New Zealand competed with each other. The team with black caps needed six runs in the last ball, but unfortunately, under rather strange circumstances, this did not happen. Greg Chappell, captain of the Australian cricket team, asked his brother Trevor to score the last ball under his arm. To this day, the ICC has not banned underarm bowling. And after this incident, bowling under the arm was banned at cricket matches.
  • Match-fixing Hansi Kronje (2000). Hansi Kronje, captain of the South African national team, was involved in match-fixing. The match was against England. Although an experienced athlete could do without it, he chose this step. He was connected with the bookmaker, who asked him to change the course of the match.
  • Boycott of the World Cup by England (2003). The 2003 World Cup was hosted by South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. But there were concerns about the safety of players in Zimbabwe and Kenya. Violations of human rights in Zimbabwe are precisely indicated. England boycotted their game in the country, and this decision cost them a knockout. In addition, safety concerns in Kenya forced New Zealand to play a penalty, earning Black Caps points and helping Kenya reach the semi-finals for the first time.
  • Ball-tampering allegations in Pakistan (2006). This was the fourth test match between England and Pakistan. And Pakistani field players were accused of tampering with the ball. The England team was given five penalties. The referees immediately checked and changed the ball. Immediately after the break, the Pakistani team did not come out to play. Ultimately, after all the controversy, the match was awarded to England as Pakistan refused to play.
  • Death of Bob Woolmer (2007). Bob Woolmer was the coach of the Pakistan national cricket team. Pakistan was eliminated from the 2007 Cricket World Cup early on. And right after that, Bob Woolmer was found dead in his hotel room. The police immediately launched an investigation, and one report stated that he died of asphyxiation. Another message said that he might die due to a heart attack. There is still no definitive answer.
  • Sydney test match (2008). India and Australia played a match. Universal Andrew Symonds has accused Indian athlete Harbhajan Singh of using racist terms against him. Harbhajan Singh was suspended for three matches and was later presented at an ICC hearing.
  • The terrorist attack in Pakistan (2009). In March, the Sri Lankan national team faced a terrorist attack on a bus as they were traveling from their hotel to Gaddafi’s stadium. Immediately after this attack, the test match in Lahore was canceled and the team was immediately taken to a safe airbase.

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The biggest cricket scandals in the world and getting to know them will help shed light on the emergence of a crisis in the world of cricket. Nevertheless, this sport was and remains extremely popular and in-demand among its many devoted fans.

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