CRM Integration - examples
CRM Integration - examples

CRM Integration Examples in Project Management

Benefits of Using Bitrix24 Project Management Tool

There are plenty of benefits to using CRM Integration tools and project management tool – Bitrix24. By using it as your project manager, you can monitor the pulse of your business and increase your productivity.

The following are the primary benefits of using Bitrix24 in your company.

  1. CRM Integration

Through CRM integration, you can centralize tasks, projects, and activities into one place and access them from a single platform: the robust Bitrix24 system. You can accomplish all your tasks much more easily with this tool.

  1. Safer Communications

You need as much security as you can get for your work communications. With Bitrix24, you are assured that all of your communications are secure. You can manage both internal communication within the business and external communication with clients and stakeholders.

You can rest assured that your web-shared content is secure with Bitrix24’s secure modules. Bitrix24’s system requires specific permissions for users to access classified content, for instance.

  1. Improved Company Structure and Management

With its management tools, Bitrix24 allows you to organize and improve your company structure while speeding up your business processes.

Using advanced management tools such as task reporting, or simpler ones such as employee reporting, Bitrix24 ensures all activities in the company run smoothly.

  1. Various Plan Options

The free Bitrix24 plan, the standard plan, or the professional plan are all available. Pricing and functionalities vary.

You will get the best features and tools for managing your business if you pay for the paid plans.

Examples of CRM integration

CRM Tool Integration
CRM Tool Integration

While CRM integration can extend to a wide range of business functions, here are a few common examples.

  • E-Commerce

The world of sales may benefit more from a CRM system and proper integration than any other area of business. CRM systems are critical because they store and track information about current clients and leads across multiple channels.

The CRM system must be integrated with the e-commerce platform being used for sales management (e.g. customer browsing, ordering, and payment collection). Among others, BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce are examples. In this way, contacts, products, and orders can be automatically synchronized within one system.

  • Marketing

A business hopes to have acquired a wealth of information about a prospective customer before making a sale-the goal being to describe the customer in a “360-degree” fashion. Therefore, many businesses rely on marketing automation systems such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud. CRM system integration is crucial for viewing potential customers through all possible channels and marketing to them most effectively. When it comes to marketing, CRM integration can help integrate all of the information generated throughout the customer life cycle and help funnel the lead to the appropriate marketing channel to close a deal.

  • Customer Suppor Service

Businesses generate tickets or cases when customers contact them for information or assistance.

Tracking and organizing these are essential. It is also necessary to maintain a cross-referenced database for warranties, repairs, and maintenance. The software can address customer service in a variety of ways (such as IT service management software and field service software). For customer service information to be shared with other departments, CRM software must be integrated. CRM integration allows for the integration of customer service data with larger databases of customer information, and the integration of customer service operations with other channels.

On-site repair technicians can access information about customer calls to support staff, for example? How will marketing and customer service departments know when to follow up with a customer if a technician notes upcoming maintenance without an information-sharing solution?

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