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Customer-centric strategy: Increase Sales Through O2O

No matter how many new online marketing strategies you try, nothing beats the power of face-to-face interaction. In this blog post, we will explore some ways to increase sales through offline to online customer service strategies. The first step is knowing your customers and understanding what they need from a business perspective i.e customer-centric approach. 

If you know their needs and wants then it’s easy to see that there are two types of people: transactional and relationship-oriented. Relationship-oriented customers also want great customer service; however, transactional ones only care about the product or service you’re providing them with. 

O2O strategy 

An O2O strategy is one where you are creating a great experience for users across different platforms. It’s an effective way to offer them the same service and product on multiple mediums. They may be more open to using if it keeps things consistent throughout their user journey with your brand. 

For example, say you run a restaurant in Australia and want people who come in for dinner to also check out a happy hour or brunch; then having that event listed under “events” would help drive this traffic over from other areas of the site as well (i.e., maybe through social media). 

O2O is an acronym for ‘online to offline.’ This customer service strategy involves connecting online customers with physical stores. The key here is the seamless integration of both brand touchpoints. With this, businesses can utilize their different channels in order to meet consumers’ expectations and provide excellent services that will keep them coming back again. 

How does O2O Customer Service Strategy Works?

In eCommerce businesses, there’s often a lot of focus on how well you can create campaigns that will increase your sales but not much emphasis is placed upon providing good customer service both before and after these transactions take place. 

The reason why it isn’t such a big concern lies with the fact that most people don’t really think about this aspect until something goes wrong or when they’re looking at buying some product which costs more than $100 dollars. While understanding where consumer behaviour comes into play might help. 

Challenges of adopting a customer-centric approach 

Every organization wants to adopt a customer-centric approach, but it takes hard work and dedication so that you can provide customers with an amazing experience. The first step is understanding the different types of value your business provides for its consumers. 

For example, companies like Amazon focus on their ease of use which brings them a lot more revenue. Since they are difficult competitors in other industries as well such as books or electronics. They know not only will they get great prices but also be able to find whatever product.

Best practices to become a customer-centric

The first step is to have a clear vision of what you want your customers to experience. You can do this by having some clearly defined goals about the customer journey. Like, how they are going to interact with them and why it matters for their business. This will allow you to see where opportunities exist that might otherwise go unnoticed, as well as identify any pain points or roadblocks along the way so that these can become part of an iterative process.

There are many things companies can do to become more customer-centric. 

You shouldn’t be afraid of investing the time necessary into creating a better product experience. Even if this means spending money on design work rather than focusing solely on price point.

It’s important not only that these changes happen at all levels but also occur throughout different departments within one organization. Everyone has input towards how best practices are implemented across functional areas including sales operations, and marketing communications, etc. 

Closing note: 

The best step companies should take when delivering a great customer experience involves creating a good vision for what kind of experiences they would like their customers’ journeys through company products/services to look like before identifying potential problems within said processes in order to make changes based on feedback over time.

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