Horse Rugs
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Different Types of Horse Rugs and Their Uses

Owning a horse requires a lot of responsibility. Although horses look tough and strong. They actually need extra care to keep them healthy and in good condition all the time. Aside from providing shelter for them, they still need an extra layer of protection from different weather conditions. This is when a horse rug comes in handy. Horse rugs are worn over your horse and serve as protection from different weather conditions, dirt, insects, and other external factors that could affect your horse. With a good horse rug, you could have more peace of mind that your horse is comfortable whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Here are the different types of horse rugs and their uses.

Stable Rugs

As the name suggests, this horse rug is used for horses that are in the stable. During colder months, although the horses are indoors, they still need an extra blanket of protection to keep them warm enough since they can’t move freely around the stable and generate their own body heat. Aside from keeping them warm, stable rugs also help keep a horse’s body clean while they are inside the stable.

Turnout Rugs

Turnout rugs are the opposite of stable rugs. This kind of horse rug is for outdoor use and serves as protection from harsh weather conditions such as snow, wind, rain, and many more. Turnout rugs just like these Caribu horse rugs come in different warmth and protection levels so you should consider the weather condition and what you think your horse will need to get the right one.

Horse Rugs
Image Source: Pixabay


If you’re putting your horse outside in warmer weather, it needs a summer sheet to protect it from the sun’s UV rays. Unlike other horse rugs, summer sheets are made with more cotton content which is more efficient in keeping your horse cooler, especially in hot weather. Aside from shielding your horse from the sun. Summer sheets also help protect the coat from fading under the sun and keep the coat clean and dust-free.

Mesh Rugs

Flies and insects are common during the summer months and are attracted to horses especially when they are placed outdoors. A horse can get irritated with these flies and even have skin irritations and infections when they are bothered by the flies. A mesh rug protects the horse from these insects. Making them more comfortable and relaxed while grazing outside under the sun.

A horse’s skin is very sensitive and it takes frequent washing with soap and water to keep them clean. It is not advisable to perform large amounts of washes every day as they can damage their skin further.

Cooler Rugs

A horse’s body heats up after exercising or doing an activity. After the exercise, a cooler rug will help regulate a horse’s body temperature. So it doesn’t drop down quickly when your horse is cooling down. This type of rug should only be used after the horse does a strenuous activity and not at regular times.

A horse’s body temperature is decreased due to the increased body heat. This cool-down rhythm will help your horse stay more active for longer periods of time. It also takes less energy for your horse to cool down after exercising, which means it will be able to keep up with you during long rides!

Now that you are more aware of the different types of horse rugs and their uses. It is a lot easier to determine and choose the right one that suits your horse’s needs.

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