Doodle for Google – How It Works

Doodle for Google is a chance for children in the grades K-12 to showcase their talents as artists. If they are selected to submit their work and published, it will be featured on the homepage of Google. In addition to appearing on the homepage and being awarded a prize, the winner will receive a $50,000 tech grants for their institution as well as a scholarship of $30,000. Although Google generally does doodles for major events, they do occasionally do a few exceptions, such as on Pacman 30th anniversary and make it available to doodlers who aren’t professional. If you’re interested in taking part in this incredible opportunity, go to Doodle 4 Google’s Doodle 4 Google website and submit your work.

Artistic merit

The Doodle for Google contest is open to students of all classes and nationalities. Students are able to submit their own doodle or with the assistance of a teacher, parent or an after-school programs. Students may choose any media to create their doodles, so they reflect the theme clearly. The criteria used to judge creativity, artistic merit, and thematic communication. While the design must be unique, judges will be looking at the way the doodle conveys the message to its viewers.

The entries were submitted by students in the grades of kindergarten to twelve. Students were able to submit their doodle by filling in an online entry form or sending photos of their Google sketch. The winner will be awarded a college award and $50,000 to attend school. The winner’s doodle will be featured on Google homepage through April 4.


The Doodle for Google competition is an opportunity for young artists to show their creative side. It allows artists of all backgrounds to share their feelings and emotions. It also gives them the chance to achieve celebrity fame and to share their thoughts across the world to millions. Below are a few of the best parts in Doodle to Google:

The doodle of Google in 2001 saluted it as a tribute to the French impressionist artist Claude Monet and his Water Lilies series. Although it was not visually appealing, it certainly conveyed the essence of Monet’s iconic paintings. Alongside a contemporary design, the doodle also features classic arcade characters. So far, Google has released many Doodles featuring their own distinct design. Below are some of our top Doodles.

There are prizes to be won by winners However, the Doodle contest isn’t just about winning prizes. It’s also a great opportunity to express yourself. Though some artists prefer to make use of their artwork to help others, some aren’t keen on using the art for this reason. Every person has their own unique aesthetic and style. There’s no set method to show your personality. You might even have the chance to showcase your talents in a contest that awards prizes!

The communication of the theme

The Doodle for Google contest will be judged based on its creative merit, creativity and the way in which it communicates its the theme. The finalist will be chosen through a voting procedure. They will be asked to choose their top doodle from a selection of finalists from each US state and territories. There are prizes for the first place and honorable mentions including a $30,000 college award and a technology package worth $50,000. The winner Doodle will be displayed in Google’s Google website for everyone to look at.

Doodles should be two-dimensional and accessible. A valid doodle can be made using any flat medium, such as computer-generated images. For example, a pupil might use puff paint, macaron, stickers, newspaper, cotton ball and sequins. The doodle can be linked to that will let people know more about the subject. The theme of the upcoming Doodle can be described as “use your imagination”.


The vote for the Doodle to Google has begun. Five categories for vote, with the winners announced by the end of July. In the end, the National Finalist will be awarded the college scholarship of $30,000 and a $50,000 technology bundle to help improve the technology program at their schools. They will also receive a technology package worth $50,000. National Finalists include Selena Gomez, a recording artist and mental health advocate and Juliana Urtubey, a 2021 National Teacher of the Year.

After she submitted her sketch, Altis realized the importance of mental health and began advocating in the field of mental health. Altis is competing against a number of other finalist, including some from other states as well as other age groups. Finalists each receive an award of $5,000 for college and a swag bag from Google. The voting on Doodle for Google will remain open until the 12th of July and everyone is invited to vote now. Voting will be available until 12 midnight the 12th of July.

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