Food Delivery

Get Into Food Delivery Clone App Development To Triumph Soon

The craving for food is a never-ending concept. May it be a midnight snack to a hungry mid-day meal, food is all we need. But cooking makes it so long to consume before the craving ends. To all those endless food lovers, launch an on-demand food delivery app like UberEats.

Maximize your restaurant business

If you are already a restaurant owner with a huge customer base, then developing an on-demand food delivery app is the golden token for you to uplift your business to unexpected heights. Though there are multiple food-delivery apps available in the market, the app that provides utmost convenience and benefits to the users gain more traction into the app. You are heading in the right direction; keep reading to know the steps to develop your restaurant business swiftly. 

Uber for X app

Uber is the pioneer of the on-demand service industry, which initially started with the ride-hailing service and further stepped into various other services such as food delivery, healthcare, etc. The Uber for X concept is the next trending concept these days. The versatility of the clone script of Uber can be used to develop a variety of on-demand service apps. In this blog, let’s discuss everything about the Uber for food delivery app and how it can elevate your restaurant business swiftly.

Why is UberEats clone app development the right choice for you?

UberEats clone app is packed with all the key features and performs just like that of the parent app. It is 100% customizable, and so you can customize your food-delivery app to a vast extent according to your business needs. The scalability of the app is vast. Thus you can expand your app eventually when your business grows. The features integrated with the on-demand food delivery app like UberEats are completely user-friendly. For further enhancements, you can add additional features to your app to stand out from the existing apps.

Salient features of UberEats clone app

To make a food-delivery application as a whole, it is essential to develop four apps, each one for the customers, delivery executives, restaurants, and the admin panel. Thus in the upcoming passages, let’s explore the features and functionalities of the customer, restaurant, and delivery executives app.

Customer app features

Easy sign up:

Users can sign-up to the app easily using multiple login methods available in the app, such as email id, contact number, and other social media credentials. 

Advanced search bar:

As there is an ocean of restaurants available in your app, the customers can find a particular restaurant or cuisine using the advanced search bar.

Order placing:

Upon selecting a restaurant, the users can add their desired food to the cart, which they can review again and place an order.


Once the order has been confirmed, the users can track the arrival of the food in real-time using the live tracking feature.

Secured payment:

Using multiple safe and secure payment methods, the users can make instant payments. 

Push notifications:

To retain the existing customers, the app sends consistent push notifications about every activity happening in the app. And other promotional notifications is also sent.

Reviews and Ratings:

Upon every successful food delivery, the users can share their ratings and reviews about the food and delivery service. 

Restaurant app features

Restaurant profile:  

The restaurant profile allows the restaurant owner to promote their restaurant by adding pictures of the food and writing a description about the restaurant for the users to view.

Food Order notifications:

Once the customer places an order, the restaurants receive an order request. Based on the availability, the restaurants can either accept or reject any order. 

Pick-up partner notifications:

A notification about the details of the delivery executive goes to the restaurant before order pick-up. 

Payment details:

A detailed dashboard about the payments received from the customers for food orders allows the restaurant owners to view and manage their expenses. 

Delivery executive app features

Delivery Executive Profile:

The delivery executive profile displays the details of the executives such as name, contact number, photo, etc.

Online/Offline mode:

The delivery agents can work in their own leisure hours and earn additional revenue. Using the online and offline modes, they can display their availability.

Delivery Order notifications:

 Once the restaurant confirms the order placed by the customer, the delivery executives receive a notification about the delivery, which they can accept or reject based on their availability.

In-app navigation:

Upon confirming the delivery request, the app directs the delivery agents to the respective restaurant for pick-up and then to the customer’s location for successful delivery. Also the app navigates through optimized routes to attain faster delivery.

To put it all together,

In this fast-paced lifestyle, people barely find time to cook. Based on research, it is recorded that the millennials are slowly shifting towards ordering their food online. Therefore it is the right time to launch an on-demand food delivery app like UberEats and win the hearts of millions of users right away. 

Without any further delay, consult a reliable app development company and get going with food delivery clone app development at once.

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