Everything to Know About Bed Bugs Infestation

Bed bugs! One of the worst enemies of humankind. They thrive in the sofa and beds, where the conditions are quite unhygienic. It’s the dirty surroundings that help bed bugs settle down in comfort. If the bed bug infestation is left unchecked, you will see that they spread to other parts of the house very soon. And very soon people will stop visiting the house at all.

Mostly the bugs like to stay in humid, cold, and dirty places. Here is something that you should know about the bed bug infestation if your house is infested with it. Have a read!

Are bed bugs dangerous?

These are known to be one of the notorious kinds of pests that can infest your house. Bed bugs hide within your house and bite when you are least expecting it. This is what makes them dangerous. Even if their bites don’t cause any kind of serious disease, but they can surely keep you awake most of the nights itching and cursing.

They will come bite and hide. You won’t be able to notice where they hid. Their presence can turn your life into a living nightmare. Even though their bites are said to be harmless, you can get severe rash and skin allergies if they are not checked on time. The psychological issues are another part of the story related to the bed bugs. It could be associated with itching, sleep hesitancy, crawling feeling on the skin while sleeping, etc. The mere itch will keep you awake for long hours and make you sleep-deprived. Now you may have gotten an idea how dangerous they are.

Treating simple bed bug bites

In case you have gotten bitten by the bed bug, you may want to try out a few simple remedies. Here, is a list of them that will help you treat them effectively at home.

  • It is best to clean the wound by washing it with the help of soap and water.
  • Make a paste using water and baking soda. You can clean the area and dry any moisture, then apply the mixture over it. After an hour, you can wash the mixture off.
  • Lemon juice is also used for the itch.
  • For allergies caused by the bed bug bite can be treated with the help of oral antihistamines.
  • Coconut oil is also a good remedy for rashes. Sensitive skin such that babies can develop severe rashes, for them coconut oil is very good.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation at Home?

To check for the bed bug infestation at home, you may want to look out for these signs.

Adult bed bugs

Most of the time, you will not find bed bugs, but on looking for them closely, you can see light brown or reddish-brown insects crawling on the bed. You will not be able to see eggs or nymphs. For that, you will have to call pest exterminators who specialize in treating bed bugs.


If you have bed bugs in your bed, you will develop red welts or skin rashes. Especially the exposed parts of the body. They bite you at night so, you wake up with bite marks all over the body.

Shedding skin

It’s the nymphs that shed their skin mostly. They can shed skin more than 6 times before they finally set foot in adult age. On your mattress or floor, you can easily spot them. Apart from that, you will also notice blood spots on the bedsheets. This is one of the clear signs of having bed bugs on the bed. Get them treated as soon as possible.


Another clear sign of having bed bugs in your bed is their droppings. Tiny black and brown mounds are easily visible on the surfaces or the sides. Even if the droppings become powder, the stains are left behind. You can easily see them at home.


Different pest control services in Vasundhara are of the same idea that people often don’t take the matter of bed bug infestation seriously. Instead, they wait for the time until it gets out of hand. Most of them visit the doctor with skin rashes and then decide to call a pest control company for treating the bed bugs in their homes. This is something that people don’t take as their priority and end up paying more than what it requires.

One should get their mattresses and the sofa cushions treated for the bed bugs once every year. Whether it is for trying DIY or calling a professional home. Get the team to visit your home and come up with the right treatment to save yourself from all the headaches. Now you know how to get things done around the house when you have bed bugs, you better start checking them now.

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