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How to make a spring flower crown

How to make a spring flower crown. With the start of milder weather and higher days, many characters are excited to spruce up their homes and add some interest, and a season crown is a wonderful way to do it! Quick and relatively inexpensive to make, crowns are a beautiful and crafty way to add a splash of color and creativity of drawing ideas.

Will need:

You don’t need large amounts of supplies to make a wreath, although some of the materials may require you to visit a store before you begin.

  • Color tapes
  • Artificial glitter stems
  • floral brooches
  • Decorative mesh fabric in one or more colors.
  • Wide decorative mesh ribbon in a selection of colors (if you want to make decorative mesh flowers)
  • Handmade yarn (also for decorative net flowers)
  • Artificial flowers and buds
  • Lovely decorations and additional ornaments.
  • Or: a flower crown shape with lots of interlocking cords or a flower crown foam shape
  • A glue gun

These steps will base on using a foam crown, but if you have a wire crown, these are pretty easy to translate, and the guide will give you a good idea of ​​how to approach the peak.

Step 1: Place the stems in the crown

flower crown

Take your glitter stems and floral pins and start pinning the branches along the top of the crown shape. You want to cover the entire top so that the form cannot see, or you will end up with a cluttered appearance later on.

Step 2: fix the decorative net

Take the decorative mesh and select a stem to start. Pin the net to the end of the stem, then thread the ends carefully to don’t hang loose. Use more than one pin if necessary to secure it properly.

Step 3: decorative net loop

Once the net is secure, decide how big you want your rings to be. If you wish too many fancy puffy net clouds, gather about 9-10 inches, tuck them in, and then pin them in place. If you want smaller puffs, reduce the number of inches before fixing. Next, flip the crown over, securing the shirt in sexy, luxurious-looking loops. You can vary the mesh in each circle to create a sparser and natural look or keep them roughly the same for a neater aesthetic.

Make sure to hold the mesh firmly at each point; you don’t want it to fall apart when it’s hanging in your hallway, and it looks fantastic. If you are using more than one color, adjust your approach accordingly. For example, you can wrap each color around the entire crown or make multiple sections in different colors. It’s easy to experiment if you use pins, as you can permanently remove the mesh and start over if necessary.

Step 4: wind the ribbon

Then, take the ribbon and pin it or tie it to the garland at the back. Next, start wrapping it around and around the crown, carefully wrapping it around your decorative net to make sure it enhances the loops and puffs. You can start getting creative here. If you have more than one ribbon color, experiment with different ways of weaving them and get the most out of it. You can always relax and try them again if you are not satisfied with the look you have achieved.

Step 5: creating decorative mesh flowers

You can decide to create decorative mesh flowers to add to the wreath, along with other decorations. In that case, it is better to use different colored leggings so that the flowers stand out. Pick a few that will complement your mesh and background tape. You can use them in conjunction with artificial flowers or replace artificial flowers and give your wreath a complete look. To make a flower, cut a piece of ribbon about 20 inches long. If you want to make tiny flowers, shorten the length accordingly.

Cut a piece of craft thread about a foot long. It will hold the flower together and tie it to the crown. Next, take your mesh tape and start rolling it up. Pinch just below the middle while rolling; this will help you get a uniform look, and you will see the top of the ribbon start to spread out and bunch around your fingers like an open flower. Then, you can begin to fold and adjust the ribbon as you wind it, adjusting it to create the waves you want. It may take several tries to learn how to do this, but you can always unroll the tape and start over.

Step 6: adding the decorations

If you’re not making decorative mesh flowers or still want to add more color to the wreath, it’s time to put on those artificial flowers and other decorations! It is advisable to balance them or fix them in place before finally fixing them. Try different designs and see which one you like the best. Look at the color and shape and find out what is aesthetically pleasing and makes the crown balanced. Try not to add too much at once; you can always compile any bare patch later. Having a mixture of artificial flowers and buds can create a delicious natural effect. You can also add some fake leaves to the crown. Once you’re happy with your design, use pins or a hot glue gun to start pinning the ornaments in place. Take your time and don’t rush, especially if you’re using a glue gun; you don’t want to put glue in the wrong places and spoil the look.

Step 7: add a loop

It would help if you had something to hang your crown on, so take another piece of ribbon and tie it to the back of the crown. You can have a long ring that will appear over the height or a short one. A brief will keep the peak close to the hook and hide behind it. Whatever you choose, secure the knot tightly and add a dot of glue to make sure it can’t come undone, then hang the wreath on the wall. All finished!


Crowns add a wonderful touch of color and vibrancy to any room in the house. You can fear them for the seasons or the holidays and reuse them year after year. They’re also an excellent easy task to do with kids! The only thing to keep in mind is that they will fade quickly if hung in direct sunlight. Other than that, start creating!

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