How Technology Is Changing How We Treat Custom Pillow Boxes

Technology is revolutionizing the way we treat pillow boxes in many ways. Technological innovations are not only allowing brands to enhance the quality of materials but also improve printing standards. These innovations have allowed businesses to get these packages most finely. Want to know how technology is changing all these things? Here are the top eight points that will help you understand the significance of technology in making these packages more beneficial.

Opportunity to add a die-cut window

The opportunity to add a personalized die-cut window is what modern die-cut technology has given to businesses. Consumers that buy pillow boxes wholesale can now get a die-cut design as per their requirements. This technique has enabled different brands to present their products impressively. Not only this, but this innovation also improves the overall aesthetics of the packaging. Businesses often design this window in the shape of a product or logo. These things provide many benefits other than the regular ones. Modern techniques also help in sealing this window to block all the harmful elements outside. As a result, this technique also helps in protecting the product while presenting it fascinatingly.

Customizing stock quality is possible

Customizing the quality of cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft stocks is possible, which allows businesses to make pillow packages of desired quality. This customization in quality helps brands make a significant impact on consumers. Brands can buy pillow boxes bulk Australia to get this customization. Increasing or decreasing the thickness of stock can customize its quality. An interesting thing in this matter is the customizable grade. Thick material can have a lower grade, and a thin material can have a higher grade. It is a revolution in packaging that allows brands to get personalized in desired quality.

Efficient printing

The latest printing technologies allow the brands to print the latest designs on pillow boxes in Australia. These techniques are suitable for different types of designs. Every technique has a specialty that suits a specific set of graphics. With offset printing, you can get impressive results and vivid color reproduction. But this technique is only beneficial when colors are minimal. If you have a design with complex graphics containing many colors, don’t worry. Digital printing technique is available for printed pillow packaging. It can help in printing complex designs with excellent results. In the same way, many other techniques are available that businesses can use these days. Lithography, silkscreen, rotogravure, and many more can help in this matter.

Personalization in styles

The shape of pillow packages is constant, but the latest technology can help in customizing the style of these boxes. Businesses can buy pillow boxes wholesale Australia to get these styling customizations. It is beneficial due to many reasons. A conventional foldable lid style is outdated that not many people like these days. However, brands can add sleeves to these packages by using modern techniques. It is also possible to use shoulder box style on this packaging by making it in three parts. These parts are the base, lid, and tray. Brands can also add magnetic closures on the foldable lid to provide a unique experience to customers.

Addition of multiple layers 

The addition of multiple layers is possible nowadays in custom pillow boxes due to the modern technology available to make them. The brands can make these packages safer. In conventional technology, only high-quality sheets could provide more protection. Nowadays, you can use cheap quality layers in one packaging that can help reduce cost and provide extra strength to packaging. Brands do it by gluing an additional sheet to the primary one. Die-cutting can help cut it according to the requirements of the box. It does not provide more protection but also presents a rich standard of business.

Stacking is possible

It was not possible to stack Kraft pillow boxes before the introduction of modern technology. It is due to their curved shape on their top side. Nowadays, brands can make these packages in a way that allows them to stack these packages. They can make inside curved shapes on the lower side of the box. As a result, these packages become stackable. A flat rigid cardboard sheet is placed on the curved base inside to make it easy to place the product inside. This structure makes shipping more packages at one time easy for the brands. That is a significant way modern technologies have revolutionized how we treat these packages.

Suitable placement of add-ons

Placing add-ons in a pillow box packaging with impressive precision is possible with modern techniques. Placing these items matters a lot. If their size is inaccurate, they will look poor in these packages. However, the latest techniques have helped businesses to design them according to their requirements. The personalized size of holders and dividers can help present the product impressively. The same is the case with inserts that can be manufactured in a personalized manner. All these things help elevate the overall aesthetics of these packages.

Smooth finishing

Smooth finishing of pillow packaging boxes is only possible these days due to innovations in technologies. It was difficult to make the edges smooth at an economical cost before the introduction of modern technology. Businesses can now easily improve the overall finishing of this packaging by using the latest processes. It is also the modern finishing options that brands can use in this matter. Smudge-free, soft-touch, matte, spot UV and many other finishing techniques are available that are helpful. All these techniques help give a premium look to the packaging as well.

Nothing can beat the significance of modern technologies in making pillow boxes more efficient for businesses. These technologies are not only beneficial to make them better but also to elevate their overall persona. The aforementioned points are some of the many that show how the latest technology is changing the way we treat these packages.

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