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How to choose right flowers for a Memorial Day

Flowers are a meaningful gift. Therefore, you will find their use on almost every occasion. Just the way flowers are used for happy events like birthdays or weddings. They also play a significant role in sorrowful circumstances. A Memorial Day is a solemn occasion where you pay homage to departed souls. In America, Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May every year to honor the sacrifices of U.S. military personnel who passed away while serving for the country.

Due to the sentiments attached to the person, it is essential to carefully choose the flowers for a Memorial Day. Here we have mentioned a few ways in which you can select the best Memorial Day flowers.

For the American Memorial Day

If you live in the states, Memorial Day might have some special significance for you. If you have lost someone in the course of a war or unrest, then this day is a day of mourning. In this case, to honor your loved one, you can choose flowers like white Carnations, white Asiatic or oriental lilies, or you can even choose white roses for this occasion. White as a color instills a sense of peace and purity within us. Therefore, these flowers, due to their deep symbolism and color, can make the day more meaningful for you.

If you are among the ones for whom Memorial Day means family time and weekend plans, then we also have options for you. You can pay homage to the soldiers by choosing flowers having colors of the American flag. You can combine red roses with blue chrysanthemums and white Gerberas to create the color scheme of the American flag. These flowers, apart from their color, also bear their respective symbolism that add extra meaning to your effort. Our Bee Enchanted florist services are always available for you to get the best deals on your floral needs.

For the Memorial Day of someone gone too young

Occasions like these are always very sensitive. You have to make sure the flowers you are choosing not only match the sentiment, but also convey a positive emotion in the time of sadness. Daisies are simple flowers, and they symbolize youthfulness and purity. They also symbolize the eternal life of the departed soul, and therefore are perfect flowers for such occasions. You can also choose white and pastel shade Gladiolus flowers. They represent strength and can be a meaningful present or decoration to comfort the mourning family. Order from the best Green Bay florists for your loved ones and make them happy.

For the Memorial Day of a person who fought for a social cause

People who have worked for a social cause have touched millions of lives in their lifetime. Through their courage and humility, they have created a difference around them. Therefore, for the Memorial Day of such daunting personals, choose flowers that reflect their personality and goodwill. We encourage you to choose flowers like Proteas, snapdragons, and Nasturtiums that symbolize courage and strength. You can also go for Orchids and Camelias to show your admiration for them. Use our happy birthday flowers delivery services to manage all the floral arrangements of your children’s’ special day.

For the Memorial Day of a family member

It is always emotional when it comes to the Memorial Day of a close family member. It brings back happy as well as sorrowful memories that are sometimes difficult to bear. There are a number of flowers by which you can honor the departed soul of your loved one. Choose white Tulips and purple Hyacinths to express your sorrow or want to ask forgiveness for some event of the past. You can also opt for the White Stargazer Lily, as dead souls are often considered stars in the night sky. You can also have sweet-scented flowers like Jasmines or Gardenias to lighten up the atmosphere. If you were close enough to know about the person’s favorite flower, choose them to pay homage to your loved one. Now you can explore all our floral products directly from our website.



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