How to Pack Your Kitchen While Moving

How to Pack Your Kitchen While Moving

Packing your kitchen items during a move is really time-consuming. The reason behind this is that the items in the kitchen are fragile and breakable in nature, which requires utmost care. From cups to glasses, things need to be packed in such a manner so that they are not damaged while shifting.

If you are going to shift to a new place soon, as are freaked out with the thought of relocation, then this article is just for you. Do read it out, and you will get the right ways to pack your kitchen while moving.

Begin with the correct preparation for packing the kitchen

There are two main steps that you should follow. Firstly, dispose of the goods that you don’t require anymore. Secondly, gather the right materials for the job. Check your cupboards and drawers, and take out the items that you haven’t used for more than one year.

There are some items that have a sentimental touch, they are exceptional here, must take them along. But there are items that are in good condition, but you require it anymore. You must gift those items to someone who might need it.

This will reduce your ultimate burden while packing as well as shipping and later at the time of unpacking.

How to Pack Your Kitchen While Moving

Gather your packing stuff

You should have a mix of 15 to 20 large and medium boxes. This is just for the recommendation, you can make changes according to your requirement.

As everyone has different types of kitchen, so you may have as many boxes as you need. Now, pick up the packing tape, plastic wraps, and 3-4 rolls of packing paper.


Use original boxes

This one is especially for the appliances. It’s best to use the original box of the appliance, such as a mixer-grinder or juicer. This is because one little mistake of yours can destroy your appliance, and you will have to bear the unnecessary loss. The original box that comes from the company comes with full safety.

So what can be better than packing the item in its original box? You should always store the original boxes somewhere so that they can be later utilized when needed. The original box has thermocol covering and bubble sheet wrap in it. Hence, it becomes the perfect blend of both the safety and security of your appliance while relocating to a new place.


Use different boxes for different items

You can’t use the same boxes for packing everything in the kitchen. For glasses, you should use specialty dividers that fit into standard boxes. But you can’t just simply put glasses in the dividers, so to add a safety shield to it, wrap each item with a sheet of packing paper. This applies to the breakable plates as well.

For knives, never pack them without a wrap. You must roll each knife with a sheet of packing paper and after that wrap a dish towel around them and further secure it with a rubber band. This will save your hand at the time of unpacking.

The most convenient way to pack serving utensils and flatware is just to use plastic wrap and further place it flats inside a box.


Keep kitchen working before your move

People often pack the kitchen a day or two before leaving. But you don’t require packing everything before the move. You should keep aside a few essentials such as a set of cutlery, glass, and plate or bowl for each member of the house.

Keep a frying pan, mixing bowl, and cleaning essentials. Don’t forget to keep mugs as well. These are some essentials that you should pack at the last moment.


Label the fragile items

This indeed is one of the most important things that you must do. There are various delicate and fragile items that need to handle with extra care while shipping. If you label them, then it will be easy to identify the delicate items.

And who so ever carrying it to the transporting vehicle will know that he should place it safely. Even at the time of unpacking, you would know that you are required to be gentle.


Hire packers and movers

If you are relocating to a new place then hiring packers and movers Chennai to Bangalore is a must. They will make your whole move super easy for you. They even offer packing and further unpacking services after the move. Apart from that, your goods will be fully secured as they provide insurance for any damage to the goods.



These were some kitchen packing tips for you. Hope it will help you in your moving journey. Relocation is a daunting task that no one wants to do. But this task can be done just in the right manner. Good luck with your move!!

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