Deviated Septum Without Surgery

How to Treat Deviated Septum Without Surgery

A deviated septum is a condition in which the septum of the person is not equally. Distributed for it to make breathing easier. The bone or the cartilage is not properly balanced in this case. The cavity of the nose makes you feel congested and tightens the nose.  There always has been a conception of treating the deviated septum by the use of surgery. But it needs to be kept in mind that there are several medications and techniques that can help you out. 

According to the best ENT Specialist in Multan, there are many other ways that are simpler than surgery that can be used to treat the septum.  So before you opt for a more complicated way to treat yourself be. Sure to look at other options that might help you greatly. This can get really worse if you get infected by any of the infections and any type of allergy. 

The other ways that can help you a lot include: 

Nasal Strips

These resemble a lot with the band-aids that we usually use, these have spring-like magic in them that sticks like tape inside the nose. The major task of these springs is to separate out the nose inside from the septum. And then the air passages are made clear so that there can be a flow of fresh air inside the nose to help in breathing. 

It is recommended by doctors to wear it at night before going to bed. It also has a number of other benefits, one of them is the control in the snoring habits that most people deal with. You can find these easily at any of the pharmacies near you and can start the use immediately, as it has no side effects. 


It’s A very well-known machine that is mostly used in areas where there is uncontrollable pollution. It cleans out the air by adding moisture in the air. The dryness is felt in the nose most of the time. The biggest trigger in making your septum issues serious. This works in a way that it makes you inhale all the moisture which then eventually helps in clearing out. The stuffed nose occurs as a result of a deviated septum and in worse cases where you are suffering from sinuses. 

Vaporizers and humidifiers use hot water and that is why it should be kept away from the reach of children. It should also be made sure that the room where you are placing the humidifier has people ventilation for you to r breathe properly. Otherwise, there are high chances that you will be ruining your room with mould and fungus all over the walls. The cleanliness of the humidifier matters a lot. 

Breathing Retraining Technique

A very rare form of treatment that is used by people is called the breathing retraining technique which basically is a natural therapy that can alleviate all the issues related to breathing. The people who have a deviated septum often suffer from over-breathing or face difficulty in breathing because their breathing always gets fast and out of control. 

This technique is known to decrease and normalize the over-breathing that makes the condition of the person even worse. In this technique, you need to sit in a quiet place and have to inhale for 4 seconds deep and then hold it for 7 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds. You need to keep on repeating it to get the best results. 


People who suffer from a deviated septum usually are suffering from infections and different allergies and these need to be treated if they want to make breathing easier for them. It often happens that the regular allergy medications don’t help. They do to the people with the septum issue like they do to ones who are normal. So the best option to treat nasal septum issues is by the use of some steroids. That can be obtained from pharmacies. 


Nasal Septum can be a huge disturbance for a lot of people. This can be treated and managed at home by using all the methods that are mentioned above. If this doesn’t do anything you need to visit your ENT specialist. 

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