Important Things to Consider in Wine Box Packaging Design

Wine boxes: The design is something that attracts the customer, shows some story or some biography or background of a company. In addition to this is printed and can be seen easily. Here, the relation of printing and packaging with design will be analyzed and conclusion in the term of features would be drawn. For this first, we need to know why one wine manufacturer needs cartons. Yes, it is for sure packing purpose but what else could be obtained from it.

Why there is a need for a design for wine cartons?

The thematic and creative design provides the aesthetic look to the customers and grasps the attraction of the customers.  Psychology shows that the human brain loves pleasant and creative designs. So the theory here deals with the design. The design of the Coca Cola and Lays is creative and liked by all and sundry. These designs with the change in flavor and represent their respective taste. So design is variable and it gets change with the product variants. Moreover, the overall theme remains the same.

Design Vs Style debate

Style is the shape of the carton like custom wine boxes have different shapes. Some of these shapes are pillow shape cartons, rectangular, briefcase, gable and other styles are also existing. Contrary to this the design is what is the combination of patterns that are going to be print on the box. These are designed on computer software and require accuracy for further printing.

Design requirements of the market and industry

The industry trends show that the use of cardboard and Corrugation has increased, at least double in the last 20 years. The Latest and advanced equipped labs have revolutionized the production methods of wine box packaging. The industry is something that belongs to production, on the other hand, the market is filled with buyers. Here, it means the combination of both, like right and cost-efficient cartons for the wines reproduced that satisfy the basic needs of the customer. If the balance in this equation gets disturbed, the sales volume would decline.

How the design is managed?

The most paramount and simple way is the use of computers and software. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are being used to design the flat 2D structures of the boxes, their folding, cutting, and dying.

How to improve the design of wine cartons?

The outdated and pathetic look holders should be switch to the new one, as the packaging of Coca Cola and Lays has changed a couple of the time. But it affects the branding and this concept is also called re-branding.

The impact of design on the brand and identity of the company

Most of the companies, that have a variety of wine packaging designs are the top-ranked in the world, they change their packaging design often and synchronize them with the latest trends. In addition to this such tactics are being used for lowering the cost of packaging.

Essential features that are required for packaging of the wine

The box is the thing that customers glance at and builds a decision in the mind and this is the carton that attracts the customers. So, the holders that are featured and rich inequality have more impact on the customer mind than other pathetic holders.

  1. Edge at the shelf – display packaging

This is the first feature, display your wines on the shelf and attract more customers. Marketers are used to use this tactic and generating more and more sales.

  1. Multipack is the opportunity for the customers

It is better to deliver multiple packs in a single packaging, in this way the sales volume would increase and the cost would decline.

  1. Bottles, cans, cups for beverage

By offering extra bottles, cans, and cups for wine, the customers could get attracted and attention to your wine. This strategy is used by marketers for different campaigns.

  1. Printing

Printing quality and methods used for the printing also matter and provide a different look to the wine bottles.

  1. Customized

The perfect design and unique wine packaging design not only save your money but also lead to branding.

  1. Protection, Promotion, and Delivery

Protection, promotion, and delivery is the cycle of the marketing. Here, just notice that the first step is protection. And only containers provide protection to the inside items during traveling.

  1. Show and sell the wines

By displaying and packing them in a luxurious way more wines could be sold.

  1. A unique style that sand you out of the crowd

In order to beat the competitors in the market, the first thing that requires updating is the boxes of the wine. That’s why it is the strategy of rebranding.

  1. Partitions for the bottles

Cardboard-made partitions are necessary in order to restrain them from colliding.

  1. Folding cartons

All these cartons are foldable and ship in a flat view, so this is another paramount feature if the packaging. This save the shipping cost and volume.

So, when you are designing the wine boxes at the wholesale level then a proper design and features must be analyzed.

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