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Is Mangastream still up and running? In 2020, below are the top 6 alternative manga websites.

Online manga sites have made it easier than ever to gain access to and read online manga. There are a plethora of fantastic manga providers available that provide HD quality manga for free. Mangastream, out of all of these sites, provided the greatest manga reading services. The current operational situation of manga streaming has caused a lot of misunderstanding among online manga viewers. Some report it is down and not working, while others insist it is still operational. We’ve come to clear up any misunderstandings and put a stop to this discussion once and for all. So, let’s get this party started and see what’s up with Manga Stream.

Mangastream is the best website for reading manga online.

Mangastream is, without a doubt, one of the best online manga sites ever. It provided unrivalled service quality and HD manga quality without charging anything. It was a free manga website with a large following among the online manga community. Users might just browse to this website and read their favourite manga. To read manga, they didn’t have to pay anything or go through any complicated registration procedures. This was one of the site’s top features.

Is Mangastream up and running?

You’ve probably guessed its current state based on the tone of our mangastream intro. The official mangastream website is no longer available. Its services were last provided a few years ago. This site does not allow you to read manga online. People who believe this site is still functioning should be aware that websites with the similar name, such as mangastream, are not the real deal. These are clones of the original site, attempting to imitate the user experience of the original. So, to summarise, mangastream is no longer available. If you want a similar user experience, you’ll have no choice except to visit an other manga website.

Alternatives to Mangastream for 2020

MangaOwl: MangaOwl is a fantastic free manga site where you can read thousands of manga series for free. This site’s user interface is fantastic, and it’s quite simple to navigate. Manga readers from all around the world have suggested this manga website. MangaFreak: MangaFreak is a website run by the same people who run the AnimeFreak website. This site has a large manga collection, a beautiful user design, and powerful search options that make it easy to find your favourite manga. This website is available for free and does not require a monthly subscription.


MangaInn is a relatively new company in the industry, but it is rapidly expanding. It won’t be long before it joins the ranks of the most popular manga websites. This website has a fantastic user interface, and the user experience is equally fantastic. It’s entirely secure and safe to use. Because of its ease of use, this site is suggested for newcomers to manga.


You won’t find a better manga site than Mangaz if you’re looking for original Japanese language manga. This website is aimed for a Japanese audience and does not contain any manga that has been translated into English. The best part about this website is its fantastic mobile version, which allows you to read manga whenever and anywhere you want.


TenManga is an excellent option for reading manga in a distraction-free setting. There aren’t many advertisements on this website. Past News has a lot of information about manga sites that don’t have a lot of adverts. When it comes to reading manga online, TenManga takes convenience to a whole new level. It has hundreds of manga series ready for you to read at any time.

Final Thoughts

MangaStream has encouraged several manga sites to improve their user experience and service quality throughout the years. Many websites have been created solely to fill the hole left by mangastream’s demise. These sites are trying their hardest to match mangastream’s level of awesomeness, so we think they’re worth a chance. For a great online manga reading experience, check out the manga stream alternative sites that we have listed here.

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