Mascara Boxes

Use of Bold & Eye-catching Patterns for Mascara Boxes

Mascara is another beauty product used to highlight, curl, darken and extend your lashes. So that your eyes can look perfect on any occasion or event. When girls get ready, the focus is on the eyes because eye makeup is the most challenging part that can either enhance your beauty or make you look dumb. So that is why girls choose decent eyeshades to blend them well. Then they apply liner and lastly the mascara that can change the whole makeup game. Mostly mascara is the most favorite makeup product of the girls that they cannot miss. That is why different brands are working on launching the best mascara that can fulfill all your requirements. Some of the famous mascara brands are:

1. Benefit cosmetics

2. Sephora

3. E.L.F cosmetics

4. CoverGirl Lash Blast Clean Volume Mascara

5. Dior

6. Essence mascara

7. Maybelline New York

8. Loreal Paris

9. Lacome

10. Chanel mascara

All the brands pack their mascara that they style and design in a unique way to stand their brand out of competition. So here you will know the Use of Bold & Eye-catching Patterns for Mascara Boxes.

Use Of Sturdy Packaging:

Always use durable packaging to protect your goods during transportation from one end to another. For example, you can use corrugated material to make mascara boxes as they are the most durable boxes and can protect your mascara from breakage. Plus, these boxes do not allow heat radiations, dust, bacteria, or moisture to enter the box enhances the mascara is saved from all the hazards so that it does not expire soon. Plus, these boxes are eco-friendly and recyclable. So it means it does not cause any harm to the environment pus public can recycle and reuse these mascara subscription boxes for various other activities.

Target The Demographic By Utilizing Unique Designs:

Opt for unique designs for the Mascara Boxes wholesale that can grab the public attention. For instance:

1. Floral designs

2. Silver or gold foiling

3. Mascara images

4. Print a picture of eyes with long lashes (it will represent that your mascara can make your lashes this much longer, as shown in the picture)

You can decide on any design, but remember that mascara is a girl’s product. So choose a design for Sydney’s mascara boxes that can impress the girls quickly. Plus it should be according to the latest market trend. Outdated packages can never look appealing. So try to innovate your packages as innovation is the key to success in the competitive market.

Add Minimal Fonts And Short Messages:

Always add short messages or fonts on the mascara boxes wholesale to encourage the audience to buy mascara of your brand. For example:

1. Say no to false lashes

2. One coat of mascara equals flawless eyes

3. Your lashes need a coat of mascara to make them flawless

4. Make your lashes darker and prominent with the help of this mascara

These cheesy fonts can persuade the girls to try out your brand’s mascara, and as a result, the sales of your brand will boost to a great extent. For all these messages, choose a decent font style, size, and typography that makes it easy for people to read with naked eyes and looks good on the custom mascara boxes.

Flashy Colors Should Be Your Top Priority:

Opt for fantastic color combinations, a good color can enhance the beauty of the mascara subscription boxes, and for that, you can go for light or dark colors. But the best practice is to go with bold, hue, and showy blooms that can make your brand’s mascara prominent in the shop, like Red, yellow, black, orange, dark pink, dark blue, purple, white, etc.

The corrugated is usually brown, but you can change the color easily into your desired colors. But keep one thing in mind the paint on the box, designs, and the labeling should go well with each other on the mascara boxes wholesale only then somehow your product can inspire the audience with your packaging styles and brands services.

Find Special Sizes And Shapes In Packaging:

Go for accurate box size to wrap up your brand’s mascara. A decent size in which you can adequately wrap your mascara and customers can drag their products easily will be just perfect. Please do not go for oversized mascara boxes, Sydney, as it will only create a problem for your brand and increase transportation costs. Besides this, choose creative shapes for the mascara boxes wholesale that can give the customers a good unboxing experience and grab their attention. Like

1. Sliding boxes

2. Boxes with a window

3. Boxes with compartments

Boxes with a window can provide an insight view of your mascara and encourage the girls to buy it at any cost. Even you can add compartments to the custom mascara boxes. In such boxes, you can pack two or three mascara at one time or give one item free with the mascara so that the customers are left with no option except to buy these mascara subscription boxes.

Print Interesting Marketing Features:

You can make mascara boxes wholesale a cheap source of promotion for your brand. Because of printing your brand’s name, logo, and other contact details, you can make it easy for the public to know about your brand and contact you to place orders. This will enhance the selling rate of your firm, and respectively, these mascara boxes in Sydney can make your brand prominent in the competitive market. So always print the brand description on the mascara boxes wholesale and label these boxes with essential instructions to guide the public.


So these are the tips and ideas that can make your custom mascara boxes look pretty and help you increase your brand’s sales by selling more and more mascara. Once sales of your organization will increase then you can expand your business from small scale to large and can achieve your organizational and marketing goals mainly because of the custom mascara boxes.

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