MyReadingManga: Know About Detailed Facts & Analysis

What is a manga?

Manga is Japanese-style comics and graphic novels that originate mainly in Japan.
Manga is a Japanese word used for both cartoons and animations, usually aimed at both adults and children.
Manga surrounds the reader with its highly storytelling images and graphics.
Manga is often published in black and white. Why

As they are usually open once a week, this may be the case

These prevent you from managing your time and can be costly.

Manga is very cheap and requires a number of artists to produce it.
In fact, manga can be published by one person, a manga who is usually a writer and illustrator and plays other roles in the publishing process.
A short history of manga

The term manga means capricious images. He was appreciated by a 17th-century forester who searched for words to describe his funny drawings.

One man, Tezuka Osamu, became popular in the 1950s.

Tezuka was the author of the Astro Boy adventure and action story dedicated to young children.

It was a huge success that made him famous for his storytelling skills.

Thus, he continued to create manga in different genres and for different audiences (including adults) and gave birth to the “manga” as it is known today.

What is anime?

The anime is mostly based on manga, which is nothing but comics created in Japan. Similarly, animation is a short form of animation used in Japan.

Animations are more complex animated stories in which the characters develop intensively through emotions.

Anime uses a limited style of film.

What is the difference between manga and anime?

Animation: a complex Japanese folk style characterized by high contrast, bright colors and science, fantasy and a fantasy theme.

MANGA – is in the style of Japanese comics or graphic novels. This is typical of an exaggerated style with pictures and animations.
Anime cases

Sailor of the Moon

Screaming rolling lock


Manga cases

Dragon’s ball


Death notice

SOUL: full of colors, sounds, and animations.

Manga: It’s limited to black and white, you can only read it.

Anime: Anime offers a comprehensive experience where you can thoroughly feel, hear, see and experience the story, story and characters.

MANGA – Manga is easier and more self-contained. However, the content is better than anime because it is usually 100% original.

Important facts about manga …

Manga characters have big eyes. Why

This trend was initiated by Tezuka Osamu, the creator of the legendary Astrobo screenplay.

This is primarily due to Tezuka’s love for Walt Disney animations.

Bambi is one of his favorite fonts.

In the 1930s and 1940s, Tezuka became obsessed with the Disney movie style and adopted his own massive, expressive ambiguous style.

This feature became a hallmark of his character design.

The right way to read manga.

The manga is always read from right to left. So the same technique applies to manga cartoons. When manga cartoons are published outside of Japan, the pages and strips are turned over to make them “suitable” for Western readers. This distorts the layout of the original page. However, as the popularity of the manga grew, more and more publishers decided to keep the original direction and stick to the author’s plans.

What is the best-selling manga of all time?

Everyone thinks Akira Toryama’s DragonBall and Dragon Ball Z are legendary scenarios, but in reality they’re second.

The world’s best-selling manga is Eiichiro Odani’s One Piece.

More than 470 million units have been sold worldwide.

This story has more than 96 titles and continues to be published regularly.

This manga constantly protects itself.

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