Paper Cones Boxes To Cover Your Pizzas and Prevent Them

Paper cones boxes are a wonderful addition to the packaging family. They are used to package the leftover pizzas or a single slice of pizza to prevent it from spoiling. You might have seen that when a pizza slice is left it might become dry with time. Sometimes it also gets exposed to moisture or other contaminants in the air affecting its quality. Paper cones boxes are a good option to consider in this regard. They are also used by pizza chains these days for customers who want to take away a single slice of pizza.

To place two or more slices, a combination of boxes or paper drawers can be used. You can design these boxes in an array of variations of sizes and styles depending upon your choice. Use high-quality advanced printing to give an adorable display to your boxes. Such packaging is ideal to retain the quality of your packaging for a long. Here we are going to discuss in detail how these paper cones boxes can prevent your pizzas from spoilage:

Food-Safe Material:

It would be wonderful to know that cardboard is a food-safe material. It is the reason that it is frequently used to design food boxes all across the industry. The paper cones, custom paper cups, or any other type of packaging solution designed from it are perfectly safe to be used for any edible. The material is made from the pulp of pine wood. It is free from all types of toxins, allergens, and contaminants that may spoil the quality of your food and make it unsafe to eat. When the customers can enjoy fresh and tasty pizzas even after hours, they will start considering your brand at the top. Due to all these features, cardboard is considered the best food-grade material. It is much better than other toxic options like plastic that cause hundreds of contaminants to penetrate the food leading to its spoilage.

A Barrier against Moisture and Contamination:

Custom paper boxes designed for pizza packaging act as a good barrier against moisture, dirt, and other atmospheric changes. Some food lovers prefer leftovers as well. They say that a pizza tastes much better the next day so they try to store as much as possible. Sometimes pizza goes bad in a fridge or a freezer, depending upon the way you store it. Use these paper cones boxes to retain their quality and taste for a long. If you want to leave your leftover pizza on the shelf with an intent to eat it in an hour or two, this paper packaging can help you in keeping moisture and contamination away. When your pizza is entirely covered it will not allow dirt or insects to get in contact with the food making it inedible.

Reduced FOG Saturation:

FOG is a term that stands for fats, oils, and greases. All these together make delicious ingredients for a hot, freshly baked pizza but most of them might turn it into a soggy mess along with plenty of indigestion to follow. Nobody will like a pizza dripping with FOG materials. It will ruin their eating experience and the package too. A well-designed paper lunch box or paper cones can address this issue well. Cardstock is known for its exceptional properties. It can absorb all these ingredients well without spoiling the quality of food inside. Adding a liner at the bottom of the pizza box provides two benefits. First, it creates a barrier against the dripping and the box to prevent saturation that can cause instability. Secondly, it absorbs all the excessive FOG from the pizza, neither oversaturated nor soggy.

Heat Barrier:

These paper cones aside from preventing your pizzas get soggy also prove a good barrier against heat and moisture. When a pizza is transferred from the oven to the box, the box becomes a home to heat and steam arising from baked cheese. This steam circulates from the top to downwards and back. At every point it loses heat, leaving behind moisture. It can increase the instability of the box. Using high-quality paper packaging does not only keep heat to escape through the bottom of the box but also continues the convective process to ensure that pizza is cooled more evenly. This helps in keeping your pizzas warm until they are delivered to the customers’ doorstep. Some food chains also go for using custom paper bags outside the pizza boxes to retain their heat and freshness.

Improved Box Recyclability:

Although, it has less to do with the taste of your pizzas and more with your environmental sustainability, creating a recyclable pizza box can provide several benefits to businesses. If your paper cone boxes are not recyclable they will end in the trash. However, putting your greasy pizzas in the recycling bin is a big no. The reason is that when cardboard goes through the pulping process, even a little amount of grease can cause major problems. A good way out is to separate the greasy pizza from the clean parts or use a simple crust liner to mitigate the grease. The result is a clean, recyclable pizza box. It is a great initiative towards preserving the planet.

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