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Top 10 Features A Food Delivery App Must Include

The Millenials are slowly shifting towards ordering food online rather than cooking. Thus it is clear that developing a food delivery app with advanced features and user benefits can definitely grab the eye of many hungry tums across the globe. The food-delivery sales in the U.S are about to rise by 77% during the span of 2017 to 2022.

“To ply everyone with food is not a venture but a virtue and eminence.”

Thus looking at the boom in the number of online food orderers, many entrepreneurs are keen on developing a food ordering app like UberEats. If you already own a restaurant with a chain of customers, you can easily expand your app by launching your food delivery platform. In this blog, let’s explore the key features you must remember to include while developing your own on-demand food delivery.

A gist about Uber

Uber is a pioneer in the on-demand industry, which initially started with ride-hailing services. Upon gaining massive fame, they have stepped into various industries such as UberEats for food delivery, Uber health for medical care, and many more.

Latest news about Uber

As the world is returning back to its normal state upon facing the 2020 pandemic, Uber has brought several new functions. On September 15, 2021, Uber initiated a Uber Corporate Shuttle for commuting working employees. It is a customized commute service with a seating capacity of 10-50 employees in a single-vehicle.

As per a survey conducted by Uber, it is recorded that the global average time of delivery by the Uber delivery executives is under 30 minutes.

How to develop an app like UberEats?

There are two effective methods by which you can develop your own on-demand food delivery app, which is discussed below,
The first method is by creating an app from scratch where you are wholly responsible for every action starting from research to coding and launching. The development cost and time are directly influenced by the complexity of the app and the chosen development team.
The other method is to deploy a white-label solution. By utilizing the clone script of UberEats, you can build an outstanding food-delivery app upon customization. As it is a pre-built app, you can customize and launch your steam app in the market in just a matter of a few days.

The ten inevitable features of an app like UberEats

Quick and Easy Signup:

Give your users the ability to sign up easily using a variety of login options such as e-mail id, contact number, and other social media credentials. This way, the users can instantly sign up for the app avoiding the need to fill the never-ending forms. By enabling a quick sign up process in your app, you can gain a positive first impression from the users. Upon successful sign up, users can then log in whenever they want without any hassle.

Restaurant profile:

Every restaurant owner can have their own profile page in the app. This profile page allows them to upload information like the restaurant’s name, location, food menu, availability, etc. The customers can view these details before ordering the food. The food menu can be changed by the owner of the restaurant anytime they want.

Advanced search and filter:

There is an ocean of restaurants available in your food ordering app like UberEats. Allow your users to easily spot their favorite restaurants or cuisines using an advanced search bar. The filter option will allow the customers to search meals based on their preferences such as ingredients, delivery duration, customer ratings, cost, etc.

Accept/Reject Order:

The customers can order food easily through the app upon choosing their favorite meal. The restaurants have the right to either accept or reject an order based on their availability. This way, the restaurants can manage the incoming order requests and process them to deliver.

Live Tracking:

Upon acceptance of the order by the restaurants, the delivery executives receive a notification regarding the delivery. The customers can track the movement of the delivery agents and stay updated about the whereabouts of the food.


The delivery executives can provide their services at their own convenient time. They can display their availability using the online and offline modes. Upon accepting a delivery request, the app navigates the delivery agent to the restaurant and then to the customer’s place. As the app navigates through optimized routes, fast delivery is possible by avoiding traffic-prone roads.

Push Notifications:

To retain the existing customers, it is important to keep them updated and make them order food constantly. You can achieve this by enabling push notifications. Constant notifications about offers, discounts, and rewards will stimulate the interest of the consumers to order. You can also send other promotional notifications about the app.

Multiple Payment Modes:

Cater to your users by providing various payment options for them to choose from. This allows the customers to make secure payments instantly and order their food easily. Also, by providing an in-app wallet, the users can transfer money to the app wallet and use it anytime they want.

Multi-lingual support:

Hunger is common for everyone but not the language. Thus grab the attention of a wide range of audiences by providing multi-lingual support. This way, users of different ethnicities can understand the functioning of the app easily.

Ratings and reviews:

Upon each successful order delivery, the users can share their ratings and reviews about the food and the service. This will be available for other users to view before ordering. It also helps to spot the drawbacks of your app and rectify them at once.

To wrap up,

The time and tide wait for none. Go with the tide by launching an online food ordering app like UberEats and flourish in your business soon. It is very important to consult a reliable app development company to build a robust food-delivery app that has the potential to grab a vast number of users quickly.

By deploying a scalable solution, you can expand your app in the future when your business grows. Thus without thinking much, step into the competitive on-demand industry by developing a food ordering app like UberEats.

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