Business Financing
Business Financing

Top 5 Ways to Secure Business Financing in India Presently

The Indian financial market currently has a host of business financing opportunities that entrepreneurs can look forward to raising funding from. Lending institutions have devised several credit structures that can suit the varying funding needs. a business may come across over the years of its operation, from starting up a venture to expanding and growing it. The funding requirements can also vary based on other crucial factors, such as the type of business seeking financing, its modus operandi, product or service based, the budget allocated for funding, and the many others.

Thanks to the growing diversification of funding avenues, businesses can now look out for dedicated financing options to meet their capital and non-capital expenditures. Let’s check out some top options available in India today for financing a business.

Unsecured Business Loans-

Unsecured business loans have evolved as some of the most popular business financing options in India presently due to their flexibility of use and ease access. These are collateral-free advances available to businesses of all sizes and scales, and require the borrower to meet only a handful of criteria. The business loan interest rate levy is competitive and affordable too with reputed lending institutions in India.

Loans Against Property for Business-

Property loans are secured financing options that businesses can secure against fixed asset as collateral. These loans are suitable for funding long-term business investments requiring high-value capital, and are repayable over a long tenure.

Line of Credit-

Flexible lines of credit, popularly known as overdraft or flexi loans are available at the business’s financing behest. These advances are unsecured, easy to avail. and come with flexible repayment options. Plus,  interest levy on the used amount only keeps repayment liability in check too, making the financing affordable. And you want to get the more loan just like unsecired business loan, business loan, personal loan, personal loan for doctor, and more.

Invoice Discounting-

When it comes to quick, short-term financing, invoice discounting surfaces as the most effective financing option. It is availed against unpaid invoices of the business with a set percentage discounted as lender charge. When in need of financing business operations like meeting sudden increase in market demands. filling in any gap in cash flow or re-structuring debt cycle, invoice discounting can be a great way to raise business financing.

Working Capital Loans-

A working capital loan is a dedicated financing option that businesses can avail to fulfil any gaps in their day-to-day capital requirements. These are high-value, short to mid-term loans that are easy. To avail as last-minute financing options and often come with zero collateral requirement. A business can avail a working capital loan to maintain the working capital ratio of the enterprise as well.

Equipment and Machinery Loans-

When it comes to long-term business financing requiring fixed capital investments. Equipment and machinery loans can be the options to look forward to. These long-term advances are designed to fund big-ticket business expenses. Especially fixed asset purchase, that provide utility for a long duration. Their flexible repayment options make them easy to manage and repay. Also, check the rate of interest applicable for affordability. If there’s a contradiction to either or both of these factors, you can always rely on business loans to meet these financing needs conveniently as well as affordably.

SME Loans-

For Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in their nascent or advanced years of operation, seeking financing for diverse purposes, an SME loan suits well. These loans come with no restrictions to business use and with terms favourable for SME operation financing and repayment.

Subsidy-based Business Loans-

The Central and State Governments have also introduced several subsidy-based business loans to ensure affordable financing for businesses in need. These loans help save significantly on interest payout while meeting business expenditures adequately.

Contrarily, if one has low creditworthiness, lenders tend to charge higher rates to cover the risk associated with the borrower. Factors that play a crucial role in determining this risk profile primarily include the borrower’s credit score. Repayment capacity, income stability, previous repayment records. Relationship with the lending institution, and the likes.

While choosing a suitable business financing option, seek out loans that dedicatedly meet your funding needs to better align the ventures’ finances. Also, check the rate of interest applicable for affordability. If there’s a contradiction to either or both of these factors. You can always rely on business loans to meet these financing needs conveniently as well as affordably.

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