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Top WordPress Plugins For SEO Optimization

WordPress has become very popular in recent years and the main reason is the ease of development of any type of site. WordPress is famous because of the drag-and-drop option for developing and designing the site.

There are thousands of WordPress SEO plugins and themes that are available in WordPress and ready to install on your site.

Creating the site on WordPress is pretty easy, but it’s kind of difficult to get it. This is because the production takes little effort, but it takes a lot of time and effort to get it and rank it. There might be thousands of sites that resemble your niche, but have you ever thought why your site will rank at the top of the search engine results page?

There are many reasons why SEO Services are required for your WordPress site and this is possible through the WordPress plugins. In this article, we will discuss some of the plugins that would increase the search engine optimization of your site.

1 – Yoast SEO

When it comes to the on-page SEO of your site then this plugin is very important and comes at first glance. This is a popular plugin for the basic SEO of your site and is effective in providing a better rank.

After installation, this plugin helps you to know the necessary measures that should be applied to the pages and posts of your site to optimize it according to the search engine.

Yoast SEO is available for free on WordPress, but to get more features, it has a premium version that is paid. Some of the features of this plugin are written below:


  • Creating your meta title and description for the appearance of the search engine like Google
  • Focus on the primary keyword by entering the plugin section
  • Checks and balances keyword density to avoid keyword filling
  • Detects the internal and external shortcut to make them compatible
  • Optimization of the image and draws attention to it
  • Optimize the URL structure
  • Heading style and trusts the user to modify or add the subheadings according to the search engine guidelines.

2 – Prepostseo

Along with on-page SEO, content optimization is also an essential thought for your website. Content is king for search engine optimization because the content is what appears in the search engine when a particular query is entered.

For content optimization on your website, the Prepostseo plugin is very popular and efficient because it provides the complete solution for your content. It checks not only the content but also some of your SEO factors to improve your rankings. Below are some features of this plugin:


  • The main advantage of using this plugin is the scanning of plagiarism in your content. The plagiarism is a bad factor for the SEO of your website and scanning before publication by this plugin will be beneficial.
  • Checks the content sentence by sentence, increasing the authenticity of the application
  • Displays the result set by set together with the appropriate source
  • SEO score for the total content and gives you the actions you need to increase it
  • Grammar of your content you can correct the grammatical errors of your content through this plugin.
  • Scans the content to know the keyword density to avoid the keyword density
  • Counts the number of words and characters in your writings

3 – Google Keyword Planner

When it comes to SEO, searching for keywords is the most basic thing you need to rank your site, because this is the word that your site is displayed for in the search engine.

However, this problem could be solved by using the “Google Research Tool” plugin, which helps you select the keyword for your site.

There are a lot of facts to consider when choosing a keyword for your website and this plugin will help you to know these facts.

Here are some of the features of this plugin:


  • It generates the keyword suggestion by knowing your primary/focus keyword and you can select any keyword that best matches your content.
  • It supports keyword searches for about 15 countries, and in this way, you can select your region to get the keyword for the most searched country.

4 – Search console

Google Search Console is a mandatory tool for analysing your site and you must add your site as property to your Google Account. This plugin is helpful when adding the verification code of the Google Search Console and displays the analysis data in the dashboard of your site WordPress dashboard.

Here are some of the features of this WordPress plugin:


  • You can see the clicks, CTR, SERP positions, and the impression directly on your WordPress dashboard.
  • Simply add the Google Search Console meta tag to Google to authenticate your property
  • It displays the keyword list for displaying the suggestion, from which you can select one of the keywords

5 – W3 Total Cache

The speed of the site is a ranking factor in the search engine and its optimization is also mandatory. In this regard, you need to take measures to increase the speed of your site. If you upload the content to your WordPress site and upload the images. The site saves the cache, which slows down the speed.

However, the W3 Total Cache is the WordPress plugin that clears the entire. However, this plugin also helps to minimize most scripts of your site to increase the functioning of your site.

It is completely a free plugin that is available on WordPress and can be easily installed on your site.


WordPress is famous in the sense of search engine optimization. Because many of the people are not engaged with coding and WordPress does not require coding.

In addition, WordPress plugins have to practice SEO automatically. For example, to add the meta title and description, there are numerous plugins, but in other platforms, you need to add the code for adding the title.

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