What Are The Best Bullet Attachments To Pick?

What Are The Best bullet accessories To Pick?

People spend a lot of time and money treating their bikes with the newest and nicest bullet accessories available. This is because of their love and devotion for their bikes.

Your bullet bike will get style, class, and new parts that will make riding feel exciting. There are numerous bullet accessories and add-ons, but not all of them are crucial. Therefore, you don’t need to be that much of an expert to avoid any confusion by the limited rider gear options available.

While most Royal Enfield Bullets and Classics are already on the roads, not much is gone if you don’t arrive with a purpose in mind for your motorcycle. And to accomplish that, various continental GT accessories, whether just decorative or functional, are readily available. 

If you’re seeking cheaper solutions, the (after) market has a lot to offer. Alternatively, you might visit a Royal Enfield dealership and stock up on accessories.

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is currently one of the most customised motorcycles. Royal Enfield is now including top bullet accessories with its Classic 350 J-series engine to capitalise on this trend. These extras serve the purpose of making the journey more tolerable and comfortable.

Headlamp Setup

Users of Royal Enfield motorcycles frequently purchase aftermarket headlights. A new headlamp setup with a halo ring is a simple addition that looks pretty attractive. This is even if a buyer is not enthusiastic in full customisation. 

Depending on your choice, it might increase the rider’s night-time visibility, and an exciting extra is a ring of light in the headlight cluster.

Leg Guard

The number one priority you have listed for your motorcycle should be protection, both for it and for you. A leg guard will not only shield your legs in the event of a collision. But it will also serve as crash bobbins to prevent your bike from making excessive contact with the ground.


On the petrol tank, an extensible tank bag with a 36L capacity will rest, holding a lot of trinkets and providing easy access to them. For a saddle bag with a bigger carrying capacity, consider one with 25L on each side.


The fact that digital speedometers display precise information like speed and rpm makes them far superior to the stock analog speedometer. The Full Digital Speedometer’s lack of fuel indicators is its only flaw.

Heat shield

This may be your best option if you want to shield the engine of your Royal Enfield motorcycle from mud and other road debris. It is one of the most solid bullet accessories because it is composed of superior quality stainless steel.

It is long-lasting since it has an anti-rust coating. It gives your engine a beautiful appearance and adequate protection. Stylish shining polish in appearance. It makes oil changes possible without taking the engine guard off.

Crash Guard

The crash guard primarily protects the bike and its rider. There are numerous options for crash guards on the market, some of which are of excellent quality and others of subpar quality.

To provide the most protection for your Royal Enfield Classic 350, you should ideally opt for a crash protector that costs between Rs 1000 and Rs 1500. They are typically constructed from materials of the highest caliber and are stylishly rope-wrapped to give them a solid appearance.

Without making many modifications, alloy wheels can significantly alter the appearance of a motorcycle. The 13-spoke alloy wheel could be a very beneficial visual enhancement. Most retailers claim that these fit Thunderbird and Classic models of Royal Enfield.

Advice on Choosing the Proper Bullet Accessories

You want to customise your Royal Enfield and add your unique flair and personality, just like any other rider. Here are some suggestions for choosing the best accessories for your cherished bullet bike.

Your Specifications for Bullet Accessories

Your lifestyle, interests, riding habits, and preferences play a huge role in selecting the right parts and accessories. As a result, you can access an infinite number of parts and accessories. Determine the purpose you want them to fulfil before classifying them according to urgency, benefits, and drawbacks.


Very few people feel the pinch when looking for bullet accessories like Royal Enfield Cables, which makes it easy for them to overspend. On the other hand, you should prioritise your needs when your finances are minimal. This means that attractive ones could wait till a later purchase. You must ideally consider buying the safe ones first.

Unfortunately, it is always tempting to get great ones that are expensive. Therefore, when making plans to improve your ride, resist the temptation to choose low-quality and inexpensive options.

Final Thought

When you become dissatisfied with how your bike looks and feels, remember that a wide range of bullet accessories can enhance its aesthetics and functionality. Before making a choice, consider the needs and riding style of the tour.

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