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What Factors to Consider for Play Area of Restaurant?

Trends of industry are changing with each passing day; this is not enough that you are serving good food with an amazing environment. You must be careful about the necessities of each age group while designing the interior of your restaurant or cafe. Multinational corporations like food chains must have a play area in their design. This could be a plus if you add a playing area in the interior design of your restaurant as you will be providing good food, a friendly environment and a playing area for kids to play under one roof. Here are factors you have to keep in mind while designing a restaurant.

1)  Add Wall Murals

Try to add s that are familiar to the kids like tom and jerry, it can attract kids and even adults so dedicate a whole wall to these cartoon illustrations. Mickey mouse will be another idea to attract kids. Create first best on the young customers by portraying their favourite cartoon characters.

2)  A bouncy house

Jumping castle or bouncing house is a must for kids playing area in the restaurant as these are kid’s favorite activities. These can be in various sizes to make it more adventurous. Try to choose bright colors as these will attract the children in the first go, choose different designs and adjust the size according to the play area size.

3)  Introduce ball pit:

Introducing ball pit will be another fun activity for kids, the ball pit consists of different kinds of bounce houses. Make e the bounces are fluffy and soft so that while playing like jumping it will not cause any harm to the kids.

4)  Slides/ swings:

Adding swings and slides will be another great idea to attract the kids, as they want to swing and take slides all along the day. Add slides, swings, hurdles, tunnels and climbers to double the fun. Keep in mind the age of the kids, the design and the material of the swings & other things so it can’t cause hurt to the children while playing and having fun.

5)  Set up a resting area:

While playing, children need some time to rest also so add up chairs and tables around the corner so the kids can sit there for some time during their physical activity. While designing, consider that these tables and chairs should follow the theme of cartoons or anything that attracts kids.

6)  Dining area

During play, children also need to eat so set up a dining area for kids. Add some books related to kid’s stories, puzzles for children as their mental practice.

Reasons for setting playing area for kids:

Children get bore after some time in the like while your food is preparing, in this time they get bore and make noise that irritates other customers. So, it’s easy to set up a play area for kids so they can spend quality time. You can also make a separate dining area for customers who have kids with them.


Just keep in mind these factors while designing the interior of the restaurant to give customers a great experience while eating and looking for their kids enjoying also.


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