QuickBooks Error 6177

What is Quickbooks Error -6177?

As per Intuit, Error Code – 6177, 0: “QuickBooks is endeavoring to open this Company record” shows that QuickBooks bookkeeping programming can’t utilize the way to the organization document.

When you attempt to open the company file, the error -6177 occurs.

QuickBooks software can also open the Company file. It is advisable that you open the company file from the computer.

How can you fix this error?

Intuit offers four solutions to this problem. There are two options. You can choose to be satisfied with the first solution or you could try four different solutions. Intuit suggests that you practice these solutions in order to achieve the best results.

Solution 1: Move company files to the local hard drive

  • Firstly, navigate to the C drive from the server and navigate to the company file.
  • After that, open the company file from the QuickBooks software using C drive.
  • Next, save the company file as a portable file, and then copy it to your local C drive.
  • Moving ahead, close the company file.
  • Save the portable file to the C drive.
  • Then, choose your company file.
  • Open the file from your server.
  • You must continue practicing all four Solutions if the error persists after you have tried these steps.

Solution 2: Your QuickBooks software version must be updated

  • Go to the following web page: Check out the latest release
  • Tip: Be sure to select the right product. If it isn’t selected, click the Choose another product.
  • Lastly, select the update option you prefer and follow the steps.

Solution 3: Use the Application of QuickBooks File Doctor

Install QuickBooks software and then run the application.

Solution 4: You can resolve the error -6177 0 manually using the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.

  • These steps can be used if QuickBooks File Doctor cannot run on your system.
  • Create a system to save your QuickBooks company files, and then close all QuickBooks applications.

    Remove Network Descriptor files that are automatically createdFind the file in the folder that contains your company file. You will see it as                                                                 MyCompanyFileName.QBW.ND.Right-click on the Network Descriptor File and choose the Delete option. The Organization QuickBooks Database Manager is:Click on the Start button in Windows to select Programs > QuickBooks Database Server Manager.Important Note: Windows 8 users should press the Windows logo and type QuickBooks Database Manager.Click on the Add Folder button.To find the folder, use the company file and click OK.Repeat steps 3b- 3c to create more folders.Click on the Scan button. This list displays all files in QuickBooks Database Server Manager.After the scan is complete, click on the Close button.

QuickBooks File Doctor

  • Check the Windows for file access permissions.

    Visit the Setup folder permissions page to share company files.  Also,  verify that the set up permissions is corrected or not. Simply set access permissions to the QuickBooks software content if you need to set permissions.

  • If you have installed the full application on your server:
  1. First of all, switch to hosting
  2. Then, open QuickBooks Software.
  3. Next, click Yes to verify the Stop Hosting Multi-User access option in File > Utilities.
  4. Once done, close QuickBooks on your Windows computer and then open it again.
  5. Thereafter, click on File > Utilities > Multi-User Access and confirm by clicking Yes.
  6. File QuickBooks:
  7. Open QuickBooks 2007 or later versions: Click File > Open, or Restore the Company
  8. To open QuickBooks 2006, select the File > Open Company option
  9. Now, local path to the QuickBooks company file
  10. You maight be face the 6177 error message.

Navigate to the newly created folder in the data folder.
Start QuickBooks again, and then go to the Company Files folder.

  • Your company file displays the error message.

Wrapping Up!

If the recommended solution doesn’t work, you can visit the QuickBooks Community website to post messages, read the discussions and ask questions about the error. You can take support from the technical team that is available 24×7.

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