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What Is the Most Important Pre-Wedding Function?

To be married is one thing, and to host a wedding is a different energy of its own. A wedding consists of planning and scheduling several pre-wedding functions before making it to the big day! And each bash includes extensive layers of planning and organizing, from guest lists, menu setting, decorations, attires, venue, and what not! Perhaps, one of the most important functions of these pre-wedding celebrations is the engagement party.

How Is an Engagement Party Hosted?

An engagement party is one of the best ways to break the news of your marriage happening in the near future to your dear friends and family members. The most excited guests are your immediate family members, who cannot wait that long till your wedding day to celebrate the news. Therefore, an engagement party is the best way to settle their excitement.

The engagement party is not a must to have- it all depends on how favorable the budget is. While some, who are tight on a budget keep the engagement integrated with some other function, where they get engaged. And some, throw a separate engagement celebration. For an engagement bash, it is ideal to call the most immediate friends and families to join the celebration. After all, those invited for the engagement ceremony, are most likely expecting to receive the wedding invitation.

When Is the Right Time to Host an Engagement Party?

There is no such thing as a right time to host this pre-wedding function. While some couples get engaged a year before the wedding, some do it just a few days before the main event. However, the party usually takes place at least three months ahead of the main wedding day. At this party, the couple exchanges their designer engagement rings and officially announces the beginning of their “happily forever and after.”

Image Source: Pexels

What Is an Ideal Location for The Wedding?

It can take place in any location, whether indoors or outdoors, during the daylong or under the starry sky. While some prefer to make it an intimate affair by hosting it in their homes, some make a loud celebration at a hotel hall. If you are struggling to pick a place, you can do this. For example, a park where you had your first date meeting.

You can also invite a friend to come with you. Even better, get your parents or in-laws to come and make this a family affair. People are going to love the simple, yet elegant look of it!

How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring?

Planning the engagement party is relatively easier than selecting the perfect ring for your partner. When you are looking to choose the best engagement ring, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Keep reading below for the outlined guide to selecting the finest engagement ring for your better half.

To start off, you should pick the right material for your engagement ring. Engagement rings are generally made of different metals, including diamonds and sapphires. The most popular are diamonds with a core or center that is cut into a shape that is suitable for an engagement ring.

What Are the Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Engagement Ring?

  • Identify the ring size
  • Select the ring style, or you can also get a designer ring based on your unique style
  • Pick the precious metal for your rings, such as platinum, gold, or silver
  • Intricate your ring with your desired stones or diamonds

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