Which Laptop To Run Quickbooks

.Best laptops for quickbooks is one of the popular software used by many small businesses. It has many user friendly features that make it easy to use in any kind of business environment. With advanced versions, easily import data from excel spreadsheets. And even old versions which makes it easier to upgrade your data source without losing information.

Without QuickBooks, accounting software would be very difficult to maintain for any business. It makes tracking income and expenses very easy. There are many laptops available which can fit right into your budget. And provide the speed you need to keep your business running smoothly. But, before buying the best laptops for quickbooks there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Quickbooks Online vs Quickbooks Desktop

The first thing you should know about is which version of Quickbooks do you want to run on the laptop. There are two versions available today, QuickBooks online version and Desktop version.

QuickBooks Online Version

Online edition has all features of the desktop version but it comes at a higher price. If you are looking for something that is easy to use and requires less maintenance. So, then this would be the ideal choice. You can access this software anytime anywhere with an internet connection. While keeping your data safe without any chance of getting hacked or destroying your PC. It also makes your business more visible to new customers since they can find you. More easily if they search for businesses using best laptops for quickbooks in their area.

But even though quickbooks online has so many benefits, it’s not suitable for every type of business. It will be difficult for you to keep track of inventory or manage your daily expenses with this software. This is because the online edition lacks physical features that normal desktop applications have, like a barcode scanner and a receipt printer.

So if you’re good at keeping inventory and need a better way to run your daily expenses then the best choice would be the QuickBooks Desktop version.

Quickbooks Desktop Version

Like the name implies, this version is designed to be used on a desktop PC. If you’re buying a laptop for using QuickBooks then this would be perfect for you. Desktop version gives you access to physical features like barcode scanner and receipt printer which makes it easy to manage your inventory and expenses without much hassle.

The disadvantage of the Desktop version is that it requires high specifications in order to run smoothly. Without required settings, it might not give you the best experience. But if your work involves mainly managing inventory and tracking expenses then this can definitely meet all your requirements with its advanced features.

Nowadays there are many laptops available at affordable price ranges which can perfectly run quickbooks software without any lag or glitch. You just have to figure out which features you need and then consider the different models available before buying one. Different laptops have different specifications and price range, so make sure to compare them and buy something that can give you the best value for your money.

How to Buy The Best Laptop for Quickbooks?

For keeping track of reports, inventory without any problem, you’ll need a laptop that can run quickbooks with required specifications. In order to get the best laptop for best laptops for quickbooks, there are few requirements that you should keep in mind which will be mentioned below:

1) Processor

Since QuickBooks software is a kind of accounting system so if your cpu speed is low it might give you a hard time while working with this software. For any business owner, speed is very critical as it decides how quickly you can work. Low speed might not allow you to handle all your work tasks which will be a great problem for any business owner.

In order to make the best use of QuickBooks software, make sure your laptop has a good processor and it should be at least Intel Core i5 or better if possible.

2) RAM

Next thing you need to keep in mind is the RAM of your laptop. RAM stands for Random Access Memory which decides how quickly your computer can process data or run programs. When QuickBooks software is running, it frequently uses the memory so make sure that there is enough RAM available on your laptop otherwise it might slow down all your work.

As the standard, you should have at least 8GB of RAM but if your laptop can have more than that, it would be better for running quickbooks smoothly without any lag.

3) Screen Size

Screen size is also a very important factor to consider when thinking about buying a new laptop for running quickbooks. The screen size plays a crucial role in how easy you can access the software and use its different features.

If possible then go for a laptop with 15 inches screen size which will give you enough space to work without any problem. Also make sure that the display of your laptop is HD quality so that you can see all details clearly from a distance.

Should You Buy a Chromebook?

Chromebook is another kind of laptop which can be used for running QuickBooks software. Although it’s not recommended to use this version because its hardware and operating system doesn’t support some features that are required for using QuickBooks.

There are many Chromebooks available in the market which have 11 inches screen size and 16 GB storage. You can buy them if you’re looking for a cheap option but don’t expect to get all advanced features from it.

Best Laptop Brands For Using Quickbooks

Lenovo, Acer, Dell, HP, ASUS, are few reliable companies when thinking about buying a new laptop for any business purpose. In order to run quickbooks smoothly without any lag or glitch you should choose one of these brands.


Nowadays there are many good laptops available in the market under affordable price range which perfectly suits everyone’s need whether they’re looking for business or personal use. So if you’re planning to buy one, make sure to consider the above mentioned points before buying it, otherwise it might cause problems in your work later on.

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